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I was in Austin last weekend and received a Google Alert for my book, The Denim Diet. Google Alerts let you know what kind of internet activity is going on for whatever keywords you specify. Usually I get alerts from blogs venting about how horrible skinny jeans look on most people. I completely agree. It’s all about the boot cut if you ask me. So while walking up and down South Congress last weekend, I received a Google Alert for The Denim Diet with a address! I don’t know why I get so excited about Target. Oh yeah I do…they sell decent Oregon wine on the cheap.

Anyway…my book is available for preorders! On Target AND Amazon! I don’t think they charge your credit card ‘til it ships in March of 2009. I was afraid to test that out and be the first person to order my own book. I could ask my Mom to order one, but her last name is Gray too. Hmmmmmm. Short story long, The Denim Diet is now available for pre-orders. Here are the links: