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Who doesn’t fear cancer! With the advancement of health and technology, this lethal disease has been a regular phenomenon in different forms: throat, lung, skin, blood, prostate cancer etc.  Additionally, another form of cancer, i.e., the breast cancer has been a very common disease, particularly among the woman all over the world. Treatment of such cancer is very expensive and therefore the world has focused more in preventing breast cancer, raising appropriate breast cancer awareness.

Breast Cancer: basis, result and awareness

Breast cancer is not gender specific and can be found both in men and women. However, such occurrence is more frequent among women, girls, teenagers or even young ladies. Breast cancer may also happen due to hereditary reasons: inherited gene mutations. The treatment for the breast cancer varies depending on the stage of the cancer, rate of the growth of the cancer cells, age of the patient, type of the breast cancer, and the strength of the immune system of the patient. One of the common breast cancer treatment method is chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy And Breast Cancer.

Chemotherapy utilizes drugs that weaken and destroy breast cancer cells. It is a systemic therapy that affects the entire body, since it flows through the bloodstream. It is mainly used in three ways:

  1. It is utilized in early stages of invasive breast cancer to destroy any cancerous cells that may be still present after surgery or to prevent breast cancer to reappear.
  2. In advanced stages, it used to destroy as many cancerous cells as possible.
  3. Prior to surgery, it is used to shrink the breast cancer.

Bearing Expense for Cancer Treatment: Charity Organizations

Fortunately, there are various organizations that provide assistance for the breast cancer patients for the treatment as a form of charity. Spreading breast cancer awareness is one of the major functions of such organizations. Such awareness would help enhancing the fund raising efforts for the breast cancer treatment through such charity organizations. The breast cancer society is one of such charity organization that has established a good reputation in this regard. If you haven’t heard about them, consider visiting their website

Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) or douloureux is an ailment that is characterized by a sharp pain in the face. It involves a blood vessel applying pressure to the trigeminal nerve, with episodes of pain that can last from weeks to months. The condition produces periods of pain that can intensify when brushing, shaving, talking, eating, applying makeup and other activities that involve movement of the cheek area.

The flashes of pain can last for moments and occur multiple times in a day with pain in an isolated area of the face and radiating to other regions attached to the nerve. These episodes of pain are tempered by periods when there is no pain, however with progression of time, the pain episodes become longer with shorter periods of no pain.


In most cases, the cause of the condition is idiopathic, meaning the root cause is unknown. However, there are some instances when the nerve can be compressed by a tumor, a blood vessel, or aneurysm.

Another commonly accepted theory for the cause of the condition is compression of the nerve by a blood vessel causing the trigeminal nerve to become irritated, which causes the myelin sheath (outer covering of the nerve) to erode over long term. The irritated nerve then becomes more intense and produces flashes of pain.

Bony abnormalities, infections, trauma and multiple sclerosis may also irritate or damage the trigeminal nerve.


TN results in a sudden, shock-like, or acute pain that lasts from seconds to a few minutes. The pain can be felt around the jaw, nose, scalp, cheeks, and forehead. Sometimes the pain is so severe that the affected individual can become afraid to eat, talk, or even move during flashes of attacks. There can also be pain or numbness between multiple attacks and no dysfunction of facial muscles.

There is a tendency in trigeminal neuralgia symptoms for sudden remission, with intervals that are pain free for weeks or even months, followed by exacerbations, which can make it difficult to judge the effectiveness of treatments. Exacerbations usually occur in the spring and fall seasons, according to the SkullBase Institute.

TN is considered as one of the most severe conditions seen in healthcare. The pain is felt on one side of the cheek or jaw, but some individuals experience it on both sides. While there may be a single attack of pain, the fear that it might return can make patients distraught. TN doesn’t occur during sleep, which differentiates it from migraines.

The disorder is more common in females than in males and rarely experienced by anyone less than 50 years of age.

Treatment Options

The initial treatment is directed towards controlling the pain. The most effective anti-convulsive medication is the use of drugs such as gabapentin and carbamazepine. Patients should start these at a low dose and gradually uptake the ideal dosage to an extent which controls the pain but does not lead to side effects.

But anticonvulsive medication may not help all patients, which is why surgical options are recommended. The most common surgical destructive procedure involve gamma knife radiation, glycerol injections, and balloon compression. These procedures interrupt the pain by damaging the fibers of the trigeminal nerve. The non-surgical procedure, on the other hand, may be performed endoscopically or by open surgery.


Fitbug.1Step into the future of fitness with the Fitness Orb. The Orb is the most recent fitness tracker launched by UK’s leading fitness company, Fitbug with you in mind. Now keep track of every extra calorie you consume and spend with this Orb. The Orb is like your most faithful and accurate trainer ever, giving you the count of every step taken, distance travelled, sleep patterns and calories burnt. It will tell you how far you are from your target each month.

The Fitbug Features-

In spite of all its amazing and more than real specs it has one of the simplest looks and functioning. It is compact, light and extremely lovable. It is absolutely inconspicuous when worn and has only a single button and light- display to indicate the Orb’s current functioning mode. The three axis accelerometer is capable of measuring all movements, strides, and all the relevant data are stored for later access. The lithium ion battery gives an assurance for 6 months at least. Although the Fitbug does not have a display of its own, all the data can be accessed later via any Android device or iPhone. This is the best way to access your health information. It leaves no room for speculation about your fat index, extra calories consumed or the distance between your target and achievement. This is a must have gadget for every man and woman who have been inducted into the new era of technology.

Your Own Pocket-sized Trainer-

Fitbug.2Fitbug is your own professional trainer who tells you how much you have covered, total steps you have taken and the count of aerobic steps. If the light display is grey it means that the user is still a few steps away from set target while magenta means that the user has exceeded his or her target. The target is personalized for each and every user after a week of using the orb. This pocket- sized, accurate fitness expert is amazing when it comes to the encouragement required to continue on the path of fitness. For a more accurate version of your workout regime couple it up with the calendar app. This will allow the user to check for activity history which gives a clear picture of the patterns and trends. If you a first timer and not a sworn fitness freak, then this is your chance to change the way the world looks at you. Not only will you find working with the orb extremely helpful and encouraging, you will also be aided with daily emails for the first week that will explain to you how the Fitbug Orb works and how you can increase your output to synch with the orb. This is really helpful to maintain a level of personal commitment.

Some Added Specs-

images.3In addition to the already mentioned features the Orb also has a couple more to make it a fitness lover’s favourite. The Orb features three ways to send information. The press and send option works for almost all statistic information related to the user and his work schedule. The Beacon feature transmits data on an automatic basis on pre-set intervals. The Data streaming, as the name suggests, streams all data from the Orb to your Android device on a real-time basis and helps monitoring real- time progress. What most users find helpful is the sleep tracking facility. This allows to monitor the sleep patterns, the amount of time taken by user to fall asleep and the hypnagogic state.

Wear It the Way You Like It-

You can choose to wear it around the arm like the pulse- meters or around the wrist like a watch. The tiny device does not scream for attention, but can sync in with your daily wear and fitness wear alike. You can choose to wear it on a belt or around your neck. The Fitbug Orb is waterproof and hence curbs your worries on a rainy day. Choose the Fitbug Orb for a healthier life today.