If you’re waking up feeling as though you haven’t slept at all, but you have no awareness of having been awake during the night, it’s time to talk to your doctor about a sleep study.  Don’t take sleep deprivation lightly! Not only can a lack of sleep result in poor quality of life and tragedies such as car accidents (when the afflicted nods off while driving), but there are long term adverse health consequences.

The US National Institutes of Health reports that “The cumulative long-term effects of sleep loss and sleep disorders have been associated with a wide range of deleterious health consequences including an increased risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, heart attack, and stroke.”  Some experts believe that untreated sleep apnea can lead to dementia.

CPAP for sleep apneaYou won’t know for sure if your fatigue is due to a sleep disorder unless you have it checked out. Your spouse may say you snore, and that disturbs her (or his) sleep, but did you know that one of the hallmarks of sleep apnea is snoring? It could be a signal that you need to get in to see your doctor.  It could help you and your loved one get a better night’s sleep!

It’s now known that even children can suffer from sleep apnea, so don’t ignore complaints of fatigue or observation of snoring in your young one.

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of sleep apnea, but you still might be wondering just what the heck it is.   To put it simply, it’s a pause in breathing while sleeping. There’s obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea.  Yes, you can have both! They call that mixed or complex sleep apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)
OSA occurs when the airway is obstructed, usually because once you’re relaxed, soft tissue in the throat sort of just collapses. The oxygen you need stops being delivered to the brain and other organs! This sounds quite scary, and it is. Imagine, too, if someone woke you up every few minutes while you tried to sleep.  This is essentially what your body does when it realizes it’s not getting oxygen.  You aren’t aware that you’re not getting uninterrupted sleep, but you feel exhausted when you wake up in the morning, and probably all day.  You might be falling asleep at your desk at work, or when you sit down for a break or later in the day when you sit down to watch the evening news.  This sort of fatigue needs to be reported to your health care provider (doctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant).

Central sleep apnea (CSA)
CSA is less prevalent than OSA, but is still a concern. In layman’s terms, CSA results when your body “forgets” to breathe during sleep. You miss a cycle of breathing, and then might gasp when recovering and possibly have faster breathing for a short period of time afterwards. Spouses often speak about his or her loved one seeming to have huge gaps between an exhale and inhalation during a breathing cycle.  If you’re concerned about your spouse’s breathing during sleep, call your doctor!

Sleep apnea is a huge topic to cover, and we won’t try to do it all in one post. Remember that what we say here is no substitute for the advice of a medical professional!  You need to get to your doctor if you have any day time fatigue or trouble sleeping. Please don’t self-diagnose, based on what you’ve read here.

In a future post, we’ll write about one person’s sleep study experience.  In the mean time, you can get more information about sleep apnea from these web sites:

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  • http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/sleep-apnea/DS00148
  • http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/health-topics/topics/sleepapnea/
  • http://www.sleepapnea.org/learn/sleep-apnea.html (good video to watch)

The eye and vision is really vital for all of us. We cannot just afford to live a normal life without having vision. It is one of the greatest blessings indeed. None of us can carry life function without having proper vision. This is reason why you are advised to take as much care of your vision as possible. The value of vision can be checked by asking a blind. There is hardly anything that can replace vision and this is reason why people used to spend hundreds of thousands to restore their vision. Lots of bucks are spent every day by people suffering from eye diseases. They want to get their eye treated at every cost. The medical science has helped people restore visions even in the old ages. The expertness of eye specialist is also playing its part in helping people to get their job done comprehensively. But there are others who still remain unlucky despite all these efforts. They cannot find the proper solution despite spending lots of bucks. The treatments make them suffer instead of relieving them. It is not their bad luck but carelessness of people at work.
The eye specialists sometime subject eyes to some harsh and intense treatment procedures but do not pay attention to the patients. The carelessness or negligence during treatment makes people suffer instead relieving. It makes people suffer despite spending money and cause a double panic. If you are the one who is suffering from maltreatment then you need not to worry and panic as you can now recover. The clinical negligence solicitors can solve your case by managing for compensation. It all requires consulting the solicitor and presenting the facts before it. Then it all depends upon the professional vigilance of these experts how they come out with a solution for you. You can simply file a medical negligence claim against the person or clinic that may have involved in any sort of clinical negligence. The assistance and company of a professional medical negligence solicitors can make you win compensation for you. You can simply recover from all sorts of repressions and recessions with the help of a professional solicitor. It will not only manage compensation for you but also will let you make up by getting treated once again.
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Unlike many other eating plans or dietary choices, being vegan is a lifestyle choice that is often made by people for reasons other than nutrition. These reasons are usually related to the welfare of animals and based on a persons belief that consuming or using animal products is not ethical. Despite the fact that the choice to live a vegan lifestyle is not generally based on nutrition, there are many health benefits involved. Quite a few different scientific studies have concluded that being vegan provides many benefits that can contribute to physical well being and longevity. This is great news for people who are taking a stand and committing to the cause of ending animal exploitation in all its forms.

Every single reputable health organization in the entire world advises that eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and less animal products is beneficial for your health. In 1999 a study carried out at the Oxford University showed that vegans had lower levels of cholesterol than both vegetarians and meat eaters. The data showed that the cholesterol levels of vegetarian and meat eaters were very similar. High cholesterol contributes to high blood pressure, heart disease and many other health problems. The study concluded that meat eaters and vegetarians are much more likely to suffer from heart disease than vegans. A 2005 study that was carried out by scientists Berkow and Barnard showed that switching from a diet including meat to a vegan diet can actually lower pre-existing cholesterol levels and reduce hypertension.

A vegan diet is significantly lower in calories than both vegetarian and meat inclusive diets. This means that vegans have little or no risk at developing weight problems that can contribute towards the onset of many different potentially fatal health issues. According to the China Study, which is the most comprehensive study into nutrition that has ever been conducted, risk factors of diseases such as cancer, arthritis and diabetes are directly related to the amount of animal products that are included in a persons diet. Every time you eat a plant based product instead of an animal product you lower your chances of developing a serious illness or diseases.

Evidence showing the extensive benefits of a vegan diet continues to amass. A new U.S study that analysed the habits of half a million people over a period of ten years found that those who ate the most red meat had a higher overall risk of dying early, especially from causes such as heart disease or cancer. Vegetarians often replace meat with other animal products such as milk and eggs, evidence has shown that milk, eggs and other dairy products contribute to obesity. In studies that have compared diets that include meat to vegetarian diets it has been found that the rates of obesity, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes are similar in both groups. This is definitely a testament to the fact that vegan diets provide more health benefits than either of these options.

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