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Dogs can suffer from many of the same illnesses as their human friends. They may experience allergies, seizures, dementia, and more. The list of health issues a dog may face are long and many people are unaware that their pet may face chronic health issues and have no idea what to do when they receive a diagnosis.


Dogs can be allergic to many different things and may have symptoms that are as severe as those experienced by humans. An allergen can trigger a reaction when it is inhaled or touches the dog’s skin. As their immune system begins to fight the perceived threat they may experience respiratory, skin, or digestive issues. Secondary complications are common in dogs with allergies and may include yeast or bacterial infections of the skin.

Any dog is capable of developing an allergy but the breeds who commonly suffer from allergies include retrievers, terriers, setters, bulldogs, and pugs. Some of the most common allergens include mold spores, pollens, dust mites, feathers, foods, household cleaners, and cigarette smoke.

The preferred treatment of allergies in dogs is removal of the allergen from the environment. When that is not possible doctors may recommend allergy injections or supplements. In extreme cases, cortisone may be needed but these are usually a last resort.


Seizures in dogs often begin by a normally functioning dog becoming confused and unsteady. They will then typically fall to the floor and appear unconscious and begin moving in a way similar to treading water. If this happens on a regular basis, the dog may have a seizure disorder.

If a dog begins to have a seizure it is important to move him away from any potential danger such as stairs or furniture. Be careful to stay away from his mouth as he may unintentionally bite. There is no reason to attempt to put anything in the dog’s mouth. If possible, time the seizure because if it lasts for more than a few minutes it may be necessary to cool him down with cool water or a fan as dogs quickly overheat while seizing.

Seizures can be caused by many different things, including ingesting poison, changes in blood sugar levels, liver or kidney disease, anemia, strokes, head injury, electrolyte imbalance, and encephalitis. Depending on the cause, the vet may prescribe medications.


As in humans, diabetes in dogs is a growing epidemic. The cause of diabetes is not known. There are a number of biological factors that may play a role, including obesity, some medications, genetics, and issues with the pancreas.

Obese dogs and female dogs appear to run a greater chance of developing diabetes in their older years, between the ages of 6 and 9. Some breeds also appear to have an increased risk such as schnauzers, poodles, and dachshunds.

Preventing and treating diabetes in dogs is similar to the way humans are treated. Increased physical exercise, strength training, and a modified diet can be powerful tools in the fight against the disease. Many people find it easier to battle the disease with the help of their pet.

Finding out your dog has a serious health problem can feel both scary and overwhelming. While it may mean they will require some extra care, most issues can be treated. Addressing any concerns as they arise is the best way to ensure proper treatment and the best outcome.


Following a hard, stressful day at work, relaxation is essential – but not always so easy to achieve. These are five ways of helping you to switch off at the end of a long working day.

1. The Alexander Technique

This is a way of lying down that sees you flat on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. The ideal time to spend doing this is 10 minutes, and the great thing is that you can do it absolutely anywhere, with no special equipment of any kind required. It has several relaxation benefits, easing tension, stress and an aching back and giving you time to reenergise yourself for the remainder of your day.

2. A bubble bath

The relaxation benefits of this have long been recognised, making it a favourite method of unwinding at the end of the day for many people. For the best results, add high quality bubble bath, preferably of the sort you would find at a spa resort, as you want plenty of bubbles for soothing away aches and pains. A combination of soft bubbles and hot water is perfect for achieving this – following a half-hour soak, you’ll have forgotten about work completely.

3. Scented candles

This can be another fairly simple way of unwinding, as the scent from the candles is designed to soothe and relax you. You can get effective scented candles for not much money, and your focus should be less on the price and more on the scent – palm, soy or beeswax candles are the best ones to go for. The time that you should spend on this relaxation activity is essentially the time it takes for the candles to burn down, and by the end of this time you should be ready to drift off to a perfect night’s sleep.

4. Yoga

For those who prefer something a little more physical to help them relax, there are yoga poses which are specifically designed for this purpose. A particularly good one is the child pose, which sees you kneeling with your arms by your sides and your head down on the ground in front of you. This has a relaxing, restorative effect on both the body and the mind, and should be maintained for as long as you need. Ideally, use a proper yoga mat for greater comfort.

5. Online gaming

Although this is a pretty adrenaline-fuelled activity, it can actually be a fantastic way to unwind, and help you to forget about the worries of the working day. All you need is a computer or mobile device to be able to sign up to one of these sites and places that have games to suit both first time players, like online slots, and experienced players, like baccarat or poker. Set yourself a limit of a couple of hours a time though, so you don’t spend more than you can afford.

Any one of these activities will help you to ease your mind and body at the end of a hard day at work.

As an athlete, you want to do everything you can to improve. To perform at an elite level, you need more than mere talent. To gain an edge over other talented athletes, you can emulate what the great professional athletes do to succeed. Consider these tips to outperform your competition.

The NFL’s J.J. Watt

No sport gets more attention in the U.S. than pro football. The NFL consistently draws the biggest TV audience during the season. Even the spring NFL Draft gets huge ratings. The popularity is growing, because fans can now access every NFL game. A provider of Long Beach DIRECTV explains that the NFL Sunday Ticket lets viewers watch every NFL game, regardless of where they live.

Men’s Health quotes Watt as saying he enjoys doing mundane workouts that other athletes may skip in their training. Watt believes that he gains an edge by doing the less interesting workouts. Even though Watt is one of the best players at his position, he consistently trains hard to improve. He finds a way to enjoy the training process.

Train Rouge explains that athletes who get stronger relative to their body weight can produce and absorb more force in their sport. As Watt gains strength, he can throw off blockers and get to a running back most easily.

An athlete must also be mentally present when they train. If they go into a workout distracted and unfocused, they won’t get the maximum benefit from the workout. Focus allows the athlete to push himself past discomfort and make improvements.

Mike Trout’s training regime

Mike Trout has established himself as one of the best players in major league baseball. In addition to his physical skills, Trout is a student of the game. He studies his opponents and looks for trends. If he can identify a trend, he may be able to gain an edge on his opponent.

Trout plays the outfield, typically in center field. If he knows that a batter normally hits to left field, Trout can move over toward left field. If the ball is hit to left center field, he’s in a better position to field the ball.

As a batter, Trout also knows his own tendencies. Specifically, he knows his own strike zone. If a pitcher throws a pitch that is difficult for him to hit, he will lay off that pitch. Trout knows the types of pitches he can hit, and which part of his own strike zone is best for hitting.

Gaining focus and relaxation to perform well

All great athletes want tools to maximize their performance at key times. Here are some tools athletes use to perform during big moments:

  • Relax using self-statements. Like many things in life, what we tell ourselves can have a big impact. Great athletes are careful about what they tell themselves. They try to focus on key words that help them relax and focus.
  • Visualize a successful outcome. If you’re a high jumper, you can visualize yourself clearing the bar as you perform your jump.
  • Trust the process. If you trained and are prepared, relax and let your good outcome happen.

Again, to perform at a high level, and athlete needs more than mere talent. Use the preceding tips from pro athletes to outperform your competitors.


Like most people who are hooked on drinking, you’ve probably tried many times to give up, but your efforts have been in vain. Soon after quitting, you find yourself back to square one. A probable reason for this is that you don’t have enough motivation to quit for good.

Yes, you’re aware that drinking is bad, but you don’t know exactly to what extent. Perhaps, the following information will change your mind. These are all the good reasons you need to finally kick the habit.

Reason to Quit # 1 – You’ll lose weight more easily

Struggling to keep those pounds off? No matter how hard you work out or how strict you are with your diet, if you drink alcohol all the time, you won’t burn any fat and you won’t lose weight anytime soon. Alcohol supplies the body with empty calories, forcing it to store fat and sugar. It also prevents the body from absorbing important nutrients.

That’s not all. Alcohol also messes up your metabolism, increases the appetite, and makes it difficult for you to stick to your exercise routine. All these will mean gaining extra weight, putting you farther from your weight loss goals.

In a study published in the American Journal of Nutrition, it was stated that alcohol is a trigger for excessive food consumption. Another study published in Obesity Journal confirms this, and explains that it’s because alcohol elevates our senses and boosts our cravings. Food seems more visually attractive and a lot more delicious for the taste buds because of alcohol intake.

Reason to Quit # 2 – You’ll have clearer and more beautiful skin

Have you noticed that your skin always seems dry? Alcohol can be blamed for this. Because it’s a diuretic, meaning it causes you to urinate more, it can also lead to dehydration. With less water in your body, the skin appears dry, dreary and even older than you really are.

If you quit now, you will see a great improvement in how your skin looks and feels. Expect people to compliment that you look younger than you used to.

Reason to Quit # 3 – You’ll have better sleep

It’s a common mistake for people to think that alcohol helps them sleep. Yes, some alcoholic beverages like beer will make you feel drowsy and lightheaded, as if you’re sleepy. But even if you do manage to get an eyeshut, it will only be for a short while.

Alcohol prevents you from getting into deep sleep. That’s why, you’ll wake up feeling tired. Disrupted sleep not only makes you cranky but also takes a toll in your overall health.

Reason to Quit # 4 – You’ll be less susceptible to diseases

Alcohol may be the life of the party but at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, is it worth it? Is all the fun worth the diseases that you’ll get in the long run?

Alcohol consumption increases the risk of many types of cancers, cognitive problems and cardiovascular ailments. It has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and is said to cause the brain to shrink over time. It also shoots up the risk for hypertension, kidney disease, type II diabetes, nerve damage and stroke.

Think about it. Isn’t it better to be happy and healthy both at the same time than just to be happy?

Reason to Quit # 5 – You’ll be in a better mood

It’s true that most people drink alcohol to have fun. But that euphoric feeling you get after chugging down a couple of beer bottles is only fleeting and temporary. Fact is, alcohol can put a damper on your emotions.

There will be improper balance of negative and positive emotions. One minute you feel like you’re on top of the world, and the next, you feel like you don’t want to live anymore. Alcohol can do that to you and your emotional health.

For some people, life without alcohol seems impossible. But the moment you realize how much better your health and overall life will be when you go sober, you will be more motivated to quit this unhealthy habit permanently.