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12 Apr 2017

Music and Mental Health

Music and Mental Health You know you have done it. Maybe you’ve turned on a slow love song when you are in a romantic mood. Maybe you listen to something a bit more lively when it comes
7 Apr 2017

How to Decide Which Kind of Funeral is Right for You

No matter how old or young you may be, it is never too late or too early to start planning how your family will be taken care of after your passing.  Whether you or a loved one
4 Apr 2017

The Guide to a True Yogic Diet

Often confused with a vegan diet, the yogic diet aims at giving the body all the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and practice yoga more flawlessly. Like yoga, the food you eat should be balanced and
30 Mar 2017

When Painkillers Stop Working

Doctors prescribe various painkillers in order to assist their patients who are dealing with pain that is unbearable when pain medication that is available without a prescription just doesn’t work. Often, the people who are prescribed pain
24 Mar 2017

6 Bad Health Habits and Solutions to Kicking Them

When you’re younger, you think your body is invincible. You do all kinds of things without thinking twice about what the repercussions will be. Drinking too much soda, smoking cigarettes, and even binge eating after eight are
21 Mar 2017

What You Should Know about Seizures in Dogs

As a dog owner, you’re probably more worried about fleas and heartworms than you are about seizures. In fact, you probably didn’t even know that it was possible for dogs to suffer from seizures or epilepsy, but it