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22 Sep 2009

Featured Blog

Dr. Boyce’s Wellness blog: Justin Boyce, D.C., CCSP® is focused on providing optimal health and wellness for his patients. Dr. Boyce works with his patients to achieve their individual goals. Using chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy and
25 Jul 2009

Embedding YouTube Videos into Your Posts

We have installed Youtuber, which is a plugin that will make it easy for you to embed videos into your posts!  When you’d like to insert a video, simply follow these easy instructions. Using Youtuber to embed
10 Jun 2009

HealthBlogs Themes

Are you stuck in a rut with your blog’s theme, but can’t find one that feels right for you?  Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll create one for you! All we need are some
3 Jun 2009

HealthBlogs has a new look

We just gave the HealthBlogs home page a new look.  the same content is still here, but is displayed in a simpler, easier to read format. To login or create a new blog, click on the menu
2 Mar 2009

New hard drive

The HealthBlogs server is undergoing a hard drive replacement at about 10:00 PM Eastern time.  The server will be offline for about an hour.
18 Feb 2009

WordPress upgraded

WordPress has been upgraded to the latest version.  You’ll notice a different look, which we hope you like! Let your friends know about HealthBlogs!