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27 Jan 2016

Five healthy habits to try in 2016

Fed up already with New Year’s resolutions? Conveniently lost the gym pass you got for Christmas? Try one of these subtle methods to help yourself live more healthily through 2016 and beyond. They’re simple to take up
26 Jan 2016

Five ways to improve your health and happiness this year

The start of each new year brings with it the usual pledges and promises to make major changes to our lives. To stop drinking alcohol, perhaps, or start going to the gym. But the truth is, you
20 Jan 2016

Drug overdose: modern day menace

Overconsumption of drugs caused huge problems in the state of New Mexico in the last decade. Youth lost their productive age and veered towards escapism due to drug abuse. According to the experts, New Mexico is losing
17 Jan 2016

5 reasons gardening will improve your health in 2016

With the New Year well underway, you might be looking for fun and innovative ways to improve your health and keep fit. While the gym might not be to your fancy, there are other ways to get
5 Jan 2016

Food preparation: 8 things you should invest in to ensure you stay clean and healthy

When it comes to food preparation, it’s extremely important to stay clean and healthy to avoid contaminating edible goods with harmful bacteria that could lead to food poisoning. There are many things you can do to make
5 Dec 2015

What is a DNA mutation and how does it cause cancer?

DNA is the blueprint that controls how your body looks and functions. It is present in normal healthy tissue and in cancer cells. When healthy cells are exposed to toxins (like those found in tobacco), viruses, and