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23 Aug 2017

How Medical Insurance Affordability Affects Health

When health insurance premiums in the US go down, the number of people with coverage goes up. Most people would rather pay for medical insurance and not need major medical services than to face a health crisis
23 Mar 2016

Path to healing: Battling your diabetes blues with regular physical exercises

Diabetes is a serious metabolic disorder which occurs when the pancreas is unable to manufacture the hormone named ‘insulin’ in adequate amounts, as a result of which, there is an accumulation of excessive glucose within the bloodstream.
11 Nov 2015

Diagnosis of appendicitis can be tough

WASHINGTON U.-ST. LOUIS(US) — Children suspected of having appendicitis are more likely to receive CT scans, which involve radiation, if they are evaluated at a general hospital, new research suggests.  Researchers report that similar patients who went
31 Oct 2015

Glucose Levels and Vascular Damage Contribute to Dementia

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr High blood-sugar levels, such as those linked with type 2 diabetes, make beta amyloid protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease dramatically more harmful to cells lining blood vessels in the brain. Researchers say the
20 Apr 2015

Personality Traits Essential for Being a Quality Healthcare Professional

Education, licensing, and experience are required in order to obtain a career in the healthcare industry. Each of these requirements are vital components in ensuring that medical professionals have the knowledge and expertise to care for patients
6 Apr 2015

Healing The Body Through an Integrated Approach

If you suffer from  cancer or another chronic, debilitating illness, you’re probably familiar with all of the ins and outs of traditional treatments. From tests and appointments to invasive treatment methods like surgery and chemotherapy, addressing a