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20 Aug 2008

Slight Correction on the Childhood Obesity Post

I stated, “That’s good because 32% is a high enough percentage, but it doesn’t mean that those kids are healthy as excess weight is not the only indicator of good heath.” What I MEANT to say was
19 Aug 2008

Stopping Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Gregory A Smith has been crusading to help stop addiction to prescription narcotics. His practice began with the intention of helping patients with chronic pain issues. However, the epidemic of over-prescribed patients has challenged Dr. Smith to
19 Aug 2008

New Oral Health Web Site is Now Online

Learn smart smile care for the whole family on this easy to read and understand oral health resource. Healthy happy smiles are so easy to achieve. Stop in for a visit and pick up some great oral
13 Aug 2008

Childhood Obesity Leveling Off?

This is in response to a post titled: Childhood Obesity posted on June 2nd, 2008 by Web Admin. The post stated that, “A report published in the May 28 issue of the Journal of the American
1 Aug 2008

Just in from the Nursing Online Education Database

The folks from the Nursing Online Education Database web site wanted to let us know about some information which will be helpful for parents who are looking for information to help their overweight child stay healthy. “50
1 Aug 2008

Do cell phones cause cancer? — The scientific consensus has long been that they are not —though recently, some troubling research has led to new doubts. Read more about it at The Week Daily.