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11 Aug 2017

Planning A Life Makeover? Start By Getting Rid Of Bad Habits

When it comes to a life-makeover, the emphasis is often on new habits that you can adopt to improve the quality of your life. Often these makeovers are an attempt to overcome some major frustration in life. If
11 Aug 2017

4 Gym-Free Workout Tips to Help Reach Your Fitness Goals

The gym is an expensive and overcrowded facility that won’t necessarily help you reach your fitness goals. You can easily complete gym-free workouts from the comfort of your home or in the great outdoors, where you can
25 Apr 2017

Infographic: The Truth About Vaginal Dryness

New Infographic Offers Up the Straight Goods On Vaginal Dryness A woman’s body chemistry changes over time. During menopause, these changes can be embarrassing and difficult to talk about. One such change is vaginal dryness, which can
9 Feb 2017

Health Issues Found in Both Dogs and Humans

Dogs can suffer from many of the same illnesses as their human friends. They may experience allergies, seizures, dementia, and more. The list of health issues a dog may face are long and many people are unaware
3 Dec 2015

Ways to relax after work

Following a hard, stressful day at work, relaxation is essential – but not always so easy to achieve. These are five ways of helping you to switch off at the end of a long working day. 1.
21 Nov 2015

Smart Ways To Improve As An Athlete

As an athlete, you want to do everything you can to improve. To perform at an elite level, you need more than mere talent. To gain an edge over other talented athletes, you can emulate what the