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Functions of the blood can be described in more than one way in different levels of detail as biology courses are encompassing at least the amount of information needed in order for people to make sure what crucial role does it serve to our systems.

There are a lot of functions which are owned by the circulatory system as they fill out crucial roles to make sure that our bodies function within optimal parameters. Platelets such as thrombocytes are the most important cells in our blood as they bind together when they encounter vessels which seem to be damaged. Such platelets are the main reason one heals quickly after cutting their skin. After they have pinpointed the damaged blood vessel they bind together in order to cause a blood clot in order to stop our bleeding.

Transportation Functions of Blood

Blood fills a couple of crucial roles in terms of transportation of both good nutrients and oxygen to the rest of our body as well as it takes care of carbon dioxide in order for it to be expelled from our bodies through our respiratory system. It transports oxygen from the lungs to other tissues around the body.

It also fills the role of transporting products of digestion which are commonly referred as nutrients from our digestive system to our cells and such soluble products which are being processed after digestion include glucose, salts as well as vitamins which are paired with plasma in order for us to stay healthy.

Blood also transports hormones from their respective glands to specific organs which need them such as insulin being transported to the pancreas. This amazing fluid also fulfills the role of regulating the metabolic process to make sure that our bodies maintain optimal temperatures throughout our entire lives.

Best Weapon of Our Immune System

One of the main elements of our blood are the white blood cells which are referred as leucocytes which perform paramount immune functions and what they basically do is protect our bodies by detecting potential threats such as disease and viruses by forming blood clots wherever one has been cut in order to fend off possible bacteria as well as stop the bleeding.

Blood also fulfills the role of producing proteins in order to act as antibodies to fend off potential threats including the likes of viruses which would otherwise roam freely and spread to other parts of our body. Potential harmful cells are quickly disposed of in order for us to stay safe and sound. Such cells are recognized and labeled as intruders and it is easier for white blood cells to attack and dispose of them in a timely manner before them spreading around our bodies.

In recent years there has been a push to increase awareness in where our food comes from. Documentaries like Food, Inc. shed light on little known practices in the food industry that make some consumers question their choices. With so much focus on food, it’s not surprising there’s been a significant increase in variety at grocery stores and restaurants.

If you’re a foodie the influx of ingredients, food products and menu selections is a welcome sight. Now, finding exactly what you need to make specialties like gluten-free lime meringue muffins isn’t an impossible task. But what exactly is responsible for this food revolution? While many things contribute to food trends, three factors are primarily at play.

Specialized Diets

The USDA still promotes a simple diet that balances whole grains, lean protein, vegetables, and fruit. But that’s far from the only diet being eaten today. Right now we’re living in an era of the specialized diet. From Paleo to Mediterranean to vegan, it seems like everyone works their food around specific nutritional needs.

Gluten-free diets have also become much more common. Not long ago few people even knew what gluten was. Now, many consumers want to know where to buy xanthan gum and other essential ingredients for gluten-free recipes.

Dietary trends come and go, but one thing that’s become a certainty is custom diets are here to stay. The more elaborate and restrictive they are, the more likely you are to see exotic foods at your local grocery store.

Concern Over Toxins and Additives

Say three little letters and it’s enough to make some people shudder – G, M, O. Genetically modified organisms are now used to engineer some plant and animal-based foods, and it’s understandably freaking people out. GMOs are used to speed up the growth process, increase freshness and boost resistance to insects and weeds, but it’s far from a natural process. Even though roughly 80% of processed foods contain GMOs little is still known about the long-term effects, and there’s evidence GMOs could decrease the nutritional value of food.

Not to mention other unwanted ingredients like growth hormones and the pesticide toxins that can also affect food. Bovine growth hormone (bGH), also known as bovine somatotropin (bST), has been controversial since it began being used in 1993. Although scientists are unsure what exactly is causing development changes in children, many people are now speculating that growth hormones in dairy and meat products could contribute to the increase in childhood obesity and early onset of puberty.

While the reasons are still unknown, many parents are choosing to play it safe and avoid GMOs, growth hormones and non-organic foods. This means the majority of processed foods you typically find at grocery stores and restaurants are typically off the menu. The increasing demand for healthier alternatives is helping to drive the change in food availability.

How-To Videos and Social Media

As with many things in life, the Internet has greatly expanded our understanding of food and exposed people to dishes they wouldn’t normally see. Millions of recipes are readily accessible with a quick Google search. There are thousands of step-by-step videos that show people how to prepare dishes they’ve never made before. Instruction used to be a hang-up, but now it’s a non-issue.

Social media is now another resource for foodies to find new flavors and fare. For some posting pictures of their cooking process or plates with the finished product have become a regular practice. On Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest users are posting, liking and pinning foods that are then shared with friends.

Given the social influence food has on culture and identity, this trend makes a lot of sense. Family meals, dinner dates, work lunches – humans make many connections over food and it’s a natural way to build relationships. After all, everyone needs to eat to survive.

Globalization, population diversification in big cities and Internet access are all exposing people to foods found far outside their local region. Add that to our culture of customization and you have a country of people with very specific tastes that are always changing. Fortunately, we now have more ways to find foods for our unique diet.


There comes a time in our lives when we all desire that we should shed of some undesired kilograms and nothing can be more compelling than feeling uncomfortable in our own bodies. Not only will not looking the way we desire affect our confidence levels but it will also reduce self-esteem and in extreme cases it could lead to worrying diseases such as depression and even heart disease if the condition is not kept under control.

Conventional ideas such as eat less processed foods and work out do work in the long run and counting the calories of our daily meal will prove to be more of a hassle rather than a necessity as it will only lead to the loss of willpower and perseverance. There is no need to put our own bodies through endless suffering just to shed off a few kilos.

There is a better way of addressing this issue and the question of how to lose 15 pounds will be addressed so that we will all be able to reach our desired weight in no time at all in order to increase our self esteem and make us happier at the same time.

A few factors should be taken into account when losing weight such as eating healthier than we used to in the past and the produce section of our supermarkets should be the best place to be if one desires to lose some weight. Low sugar products as well as those green vegetables should become our best friends.

Hydrating our bodies is the next big step which we will have to follow to end up with the desired result as it is paramount to drink water throughout our day and not just when we end up being thirsty. If this proves to be too difficult to maintain try setting an alarm on your smartphone to notify you when water should be drank. Performing this step regularly will only account to a hefty amount of weight loss within a few weeks.

Paired with a balanced diet and regular intervals in which water should be drank, exercising should come as a paramount factor when thinking about losing weight as not only will it help burn more calories but it will also improve heart rate and give us a better state of health.

The common aim for working out is to set a regular patter of at least three to four workouts per week and this should be respected in order to make sure one is successful. There are no shortcuts in losing weight and every aspect should be respected to the most minute detail in order to be successful.

A bolder vision of what is achievable this year can change everything for you. What appears impossible for you right now might become possible by the end of the year.

  • If you’re poor, you can become wealthy.
  • If you have health challenges, you can become well again.
  • If you have no relationship or a difficult marriage, you can find someone who fulfills your desire for companionship.

In other words, whatever is not working for you, whatever is causing you stress, grief, or distress can be overcome. No dream is impossible if you can imagine it vividly enough and take the necessary steps to turn things around for the better.

5 Life Changing Ideas

Here are 5 ways that you can make 2017 the best year of your life:

  1. Set goals.

Writing down definite goals in the areas of your life you want to improve will give the rest of the year a clear sense of purpose and direction.

  1. Face your biggest problem.

Almost everyone has one huge problem that takes up most of their attention, a lingering theme that keeps repeating throughout the years. Sometimes these problems are things that you can overcome with some clear thinking and decisive action, but, at other times, you may need quite a bit of help. If, say, your alcoholism it’s ruining your life — perhaps, disrupting your relationships to causing problems with keeping a job — then you are aware of the problem.

However, awareness may not be enough because you can’t seem to stop the craving to drink whenever you feel depressed. By enrolling in an addiction facility like HARP Alcohol & Drug Rehab Henderson, Nevada you will get all the professional help you need to find lasting sobriety. Interestingly enough, once you face your biggest challenge in life, then everything else that has been holding you back will begin to open up for you.

  1. Learn to love and accept yourself just the way you are.

While you can change many things about yourself, you can’t change everything. You can, for instance, change your weight, but you can’t change your height. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by so many stereotypes about physical appearance and personality that we often feel that we don’t measure up to what society considers beautiful, smart, or talented. Ironically, even people who are famous for their beauty and admired for their talents don’t feel that they are good enough, either. Decide to change what you can, but accept the things that can’t be changed. This decision to love and accept yourself just the way you are will give you a great feeling of peace.

  1. Find out what you don’t know.

If things aren’t working out for you in some area of your life, it’s probably because you’re going about it the wrong way. If, for instance, you don’t earn enough from your current line of work, it’s rarely because of the industry or the economy. People have succeeded or failed in all kinds of occupations and in all types of economic conditions. Certainly, if you are in the wrong line of work, then you can always change careers, but you may simply not be focusing on doing things in an optimal way. What’s more, one you may not be able to improve for the better is because you don’t know how to do things in a different way. You don’t know what you don’t know. However, you can always read books, ask for advice from people who are successful in your field, and learn through observation. When you know how to improve, you can increase your results and your income.

  1. Experiment until you get it right.

Assuming that you’ve identified clear goals about all the things you want to change and made plans to create different outcomes for yourself, you are unlikely to be successful as soon as you start taking a different set of actions. Think of all your plans as provisional plans—they are the best ideas you can come up with at the time. The more you take action, the more likely you are to find ways to do things better. Consider all your efforts to change a certain dysfunctional area of your life as an experiment, and learn from the results you get so that you can make incremental improvements over time.

Applied Imagination

You can change your life for the better through the use of applied imagination. By imagining different options, you can shift how you think, and, as a result, experience a happier, more fulfilling life.