11 Dec 2017

Tips on dealing varicose veins and how to manage them

You know you have to make some changes in your lifestyle the second the first varicose vein symptoms appear. However, that might be a little easier said than done, right? Wrong! It’s actually pretty easy to change
4 Dec 2017

Are Men Giving Up On Hair Loss Treatments And Heading Straight For Transplants?

Recent developments in medicine has made it possible for people that have lost their hair prematurely to get it back. This type of medical advancement represents a godsend solution for those that were either embarrassed or lacked
28 Nov 2017

Get All Around Glowing Skin

As children we all learn that skin is the body’s largest organ, but it’s a fact that’s very easy to forget. While the other organs are protected from the harsh outside environment, our skin acts as the
28 Nov 2017

How to Set a Health Goal That Will Last

Health is one of the most important aspects of an individual’s life. But for many people, modern living has made keeping up with healthy habits next to impossible. If you find yourself slacking off in the health
21 Nov 2017

6 Activities to Develop Phonological and Phonemic Awareness in Children

As clinicians and professionals dedicated to helping individuals who struggle with a variety of speech, learning, and other developmental disorders, you can never have too many resources for parents and guardians to help their children develop normal
16 Nov 2017

The Different Tests to Take During Pregnancy

Throughout one’s pregnancy, it is important to have regular trips to the doctor to keep track of you and your baby’s condition. During these consultations, you may be required to undergo several prenatal tests, which are procedures