To answer this question, we researched, interviewed and studied Bioimis and its Programs in depth.

Programs? Yes, because Bioimis and its Research Center have actually created something innovative. In the era of precision medicine and Big Data combined with the application of artificial intelligence, precision nutrition represents the real innovation of which Bioimis is actually the precursor. 

If you think about the usual one week or one month diet, Bioimis is not for you! Before proceeding we must anticipate that Bioimis programs have nothing to do with dieting or at least with how this word is interpreted by us all.

Bioimis is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary systems to obtain benefits in terms of health, energy, vitality and weight loss, but listen up because first of all it is necessary for you to really want to acquire a new dietary lifestyle with dedication and willpower.

Only in this way will you get results and above all keep them forever.

What concepts is the Bioimis diet based on? The fundamental concept on which it is based is the use of food as a tool to guide and reprogram the an individual’s metabolism. In practice, natural food is used as if it were a drug (obviously natural and risk-free).

Weight loss, for example, occurs by exploiting the stimuli that follow the ingestion of certain foods rather than others, without any reference to their quantities. Therefore it is not a diet based on caloric calculation or on the weight of macronutrients and above all it does not absolutely require the intake of drugs and replacement meals. ­


A program for each goal

The Weight Program

Dedicated to those with weight problems.

The Bioimis Program is the only and definitive solution because it teaches how to maintain weight

achieved forever, without the fear of regaining the lost kilos.


The Health Program

– For those who want to stay young and fit, it teaches you how to eat in a healthy and balanced way, avoiding premature ageing.

– For those who want to protect their health, especially in cases of familiarity with cancer or other diseases,


How does Bioimis Weight work?

The success of each Bioimis Nutritional Program is determined by the Coaching formula, thanks to which each user is guided and helped in the various phases and is divided into two distinct programs:



It aims to rebalance the body by stimulating it with the right nutrients in order to obtain a healthy and fast weight loss.

On the basis of the data relating to weight and anthropometric measurements, communicated daily, personalized menus are prepared thus allowing you to reach your Ideal Shape: the optimal state of health in a complete acceptance of oneself.

When setting up the Program you can choose between two weight loss speeds:

Fast (where we have really found that you can lose 4 to 10 kg per month and in some cases even more). Obviously it depends on each person’s monthly BMI and metabolism. Soft, for those who want a less intense program and therefore agree to lose weight more slowly

The substantial difference lies in being willing in the first case to eat mono-food meals and also vegetables for breakfast (without indications of quantity and therefore satisfying one’s sense of satiety) while in the second case there are no vegetables for breakfast and moreover the meals are also composed of several foods.



It represents the true secret of Bioimis to learn how to keep the results achieved for life. This second part of the path is divided into 4 phases, each very important.

During these phases you will find out which foods and food combinations allow you to lose weight, which ones allow you to lose it and which ones lead to an increase.

You will learn how to test the insertion of all the foods one at a time, verifying the effect they produce.

Here you will discover for example how certain foods that you thought made you fat instead allow you to maintain or even lose weight.


The free meal? The opportunity to eat whatever you want

In one of the phases you will learn how and when to allow yourself to party by eating everything you want and losing in the following days the excess kg that that meal has made you regain.



This way you will be able to manage your diet in total autonomy by inserting all the foods you like in your daily life, in the correct manner and combinations, so that it does not have any negative repercussions on your weight and health.



12 months are necessary to achieve excellent results but above all to learn how to maintain them. In addition, at the end of the first 12 months you are offered a path called the Gold Program that will follow you with personalized nutrition in all phases of your life. Unfortunately, as we age, our diet will have to be adapted to our age and our activities and many other factors.


Our final judgment on the Bioimis diet?

If you are looking for the definite solution and you really want to get results to keep forever, Bioimis is for you. So first ask yourself: how badly do you want to do something for yourself?

How much do you really love yourself? The results are exceptional, but Bioimis is a discipline that you must understand and love as you like your favorite sport or the things you enjoy doing most.

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