Around 80% of people experience back pain, whether it is in the form of a sharp stab or a light ache. There are plenty of possible underlying reasons that could lead to back pain, from a car accident injury to a wrong sitting posture, etc. As difficult as the diagnosis can be, even the treatments come with various risks and benefits.

Given such complexity involved in back pain, it doesn’t help any further when one has to deal with the myths associated with it. Can you differentiate the misconceptions from the facts? If not, let us help you with it:

Myth-1: Exercise Causes Back Pain

If you are working out under professional guidance, physical activity can help in strengthening the muscles of your back. A well-stabled back has the ability to withstand the stress while protecting your spine.

In fact, exercise can help in relieving you from back pain. A spine-certified physical therapist can suggest a few simple exercises that can release pressure from the discs and vertebrae, allowing the spine to heal itself.

Myth-2: Firm Mattresses Can Help in Dealing with It

Contrary to popular belief, back pain sufferers can experience more pain by sleeping on a firm mattress because it puts pressure on vital points like shoulders and hips. On the other hand, a soft mattress can lack the support required to allow proper movement.

The ideal choice is to buy a medium-firm mattress that provides the correct amount of support. It not only helps in alleviating the back pain but also plays an integral role in facilitating healing from an injury.

Myth-3: You Need to Sit Up Straight All the Time

Your posture plays an essential role in deciding the health of your back. As much as slouching can be harmful, sitting straight will also do no good to your back. You must take care of the way you sit, especially if you have a desk job.

Try leaning on the chair with a slight curve on the lower part of your back and keep your feet on the floor. Also, try to take as many breaks as possible and stand for some part of the day whenever you get a chance.

Myth-4: Losing Weight is Necessary to Get Rid of Pain

While being overweight is indeed a risk factor for back pain, many skinny people suffer from the problem too. Men and women usually experience back pain, which can be attributed to a variety of factors, between the ages of 30 and 50.

Common factors leading to such conditions include stress, smoking, wear and tear with age, being inactive, and wrong posture while sleeping. Along with these elements, being overweight might be one condition but isn’t the sole reason for feeling pain in the back.

Myth-5: Rest is the Best for Pain Management

Resting for a couple of days to ensure the betterment of the back is hardly helpful. There were days when doctors would put people in traction, but according to pain specialists at Marietta pain clinic, that is the worst possible thing to do.

Several studies have proved that bed rest can actually make your condition worst. People should opt for proper pain management techniques through movement. In many cases, stretching, walking, and even swimming can help you get through the pain better than resting.

Myth-6: It is Unavoidable as We Get Older

There is no denying that aches and pains come as we age, but this doesn’t imply that getting older is always unpleasant. Staying fit through healthy eating and exercising makes our bodies stronger, flexible, and limber.

Those who meditate or perform yoga are also less likely to experience any kind of pain. Their brains have been tuned to feel relaxed and be less vulnerable to pain. Other treatment options like acupuncture and physical therapy are also at your disposal, so age doesn’t mean pain.

Myth-7: People with Severe Back Pain Need Narcotics

Unfortunately, most of the people have made themselves dependent on anti-inflammatory medications and muscle relaxants. When you take a powerful narcotic-type painkiller, it stimulates more pain receptors in the brain to activate.

This is nothing but a vicious cycle as the increased pain causes people to take more medications in the future. Instead of resorting to strong medicines, it is advisable to consult a chiropractor and seek pain-relief through chiropractic adjustments.

Myth-8: A Hot Bath is the Ultimate Pain Reliever

Yes, there are only a few things as relaxing as sinking in a tub of warm water. However, doing so after you’ve incurred an injury can make things worse by increasing inflammation. Doctors recommend applying ice to the area, especially during the first 20 minutes.

But, for people who suffer from back pain without the presence of any kind of injury, a hot bath can be quite soothing and relaxing. Always play safe and consult your doctor before trying out different methods to relieve yourself from pain.

Myth-9: Surgery is the Only Solution for Chronic Back Pain

Most kinds of back pain, even if they are chronic, are treated without surgery. The improved technology has allowed us to see the degenerative changes in the back, but we don’t have to get in them to fix them.

Surgery is recommended only in the most serious of the cases when other pain management treatments have failed to work. Going to a surgeon doesn’t mean that you are signing up for surgery, as it depends on your unique medical condition.

Wrapping Up

Surprisingly, one of the most common myths is that once you’ve experienced back pain, you are never going to get rid of it completely. It is indeed common, but that is because people don’t choose the right pain management options and are lazy in adopting pain prevention strategies.

Focus on factors that, in any way, contribute to back pain. Never slouch, control your weight, quit smoking and drinking, stretch before exercising, and avoid lifting heavy objects. The more you take care of your body, the more it will become healthy and free from all kinds of pains.