Overconsumption of drugs caused huge problems in the state of New Mexico in the last decade. Youth lost their productive age and veered towards escapism due to drug abuse. According to the experts, New Mexico is losing 890 million dollar annually to rehabilitation of drug addicted patients. Family of the abusers suffers social and financial problems. Majority of the prescription drugs belonged to the category of controlled substances.

OSTEOPATHIC medical association of the state is holding a summit in the city of Las Cruces on Jan 6 2016. It will be attended by the eminent physicians and law enforcers from the country. Drug abuse is not only a social but also law and order problem. The summit focuses on taking steps in controlling the problem and preventing the individuals to fall prey to drugs.

Expert panel in the summit may contemplate on using the abuse deterrent technology in the form of physical and chemical compositions in the drug. If implemented, they would prevent the crushing, injection or manipulation of drugs.

Summit is being organized at the venue NMSAU pan American center in the city. It is scheduled from 1: 00PM to 5 P.M. Participants can share their views and comprehend the fall out of the prescription drug abuse. Physicians can learn how to store the drugs and their proper usage while the legal officials may suggest ways to deter abuse in the community.

Heroine abuse is one of the most common problems affecting society. More and more people are dying due to overdose with each passing year. Even national drug seizure system has reported an increase of 81% in the form of confiscated heroine. Classified as opiates, Heroine is obtained from poppy plants and can be used to create synthetic OPIOIDS such as HYDROCODONE. They are used to get pain relief but as the tolerance level of the body increases, people might like to take them in greater amount. Sedatives comprising of VALIUM and XANAX can affect kidney and liver in the body.

Although prescription medication is used to treat serious physical and mental ailment, they can create problems if drugs are consumed for recreational purpose. If you absolutely need prescriptions, you can get them filled in Canada at for much lower rates than most local pharmacies in USA. Majority of people use stimulants and ant- depressants for a long time resulting in life threatening side effects. Drugs including ADDERALL, CONCERTA and RITALIN cause more harm than good if they are taken more than what the doctor has prescribed. Similarly depressants used to treat anxiety and sleeping disorders can also cause side effect if they are not used as directed.

Center for drug research in New York has found that majority of people suffering from drug abuse are people above 50 years of age. A sizeable population has overdependence on pain killers snowballing into a major health issue.

Treatment is a difficult process for the patients but they can do the unthinkable with fierce determination, support from community and family members. Shrugging off prescription medication is possible by contacting the experienced medical experts. Patients should adhere to their advice and change life style to prevent drug abuse.