Energy bars were originally introduced to the market as a fuel for athletes. Carbohydrate-rich bars were taken by high endurance athletes in order to give them that extra boost of energy.

They were once only found in health food stores and mountaineering shops, but are now available in your local supermarket and used by many sport enthusiasts, major athletes and quite simply, those on the go!

Today’s generation is a work-focused one. Working hours are no longer 9 until 5; they now begin even earlier and end even later, which is why more and more working individuals are investing in the humble energy bars.

Having a packet of energy bars stashed in your office drawer is a great security measure. You may find yourself having to stay later than planned, you may find your stomach making an assortment of noises in an unplanned meeting or you quite simply may have to work through the lunch hour.

It is always a good idea to have a few energy bars stashed in your bag, as you never know what the day might bring you. The breakfast date you had planned could turn into a delayed train and a missed breakfast, without anything to eat; you may have to stave it out until the lunch hour, which is of course where the humble energy bar comes into play.

Many energy bars claim a variety of benefits, which include the likes of housing enough energy to fuel a small marathon and also enough nutrients to meets both male and female nutritional needs.

With so many variations available, it is wise to shop around a little. Some energy bars may offer more than you need, whilst others won’t offer enough. It’s important to choose a bar that does contain plenty of energy-rich ingredients, not just sugar and flavourings. Protein rich energy bars are an excellent choice for those who exercise regularly.