Choosing a university is a decision that takes a great deal of time and thought as it is not something that can be done on a whim. This is because there is a lot of time and energy that is needed if you decide to transfer universities as you are not happy with the one you chose initially, so make you fully research into it first.

Factors you need to consider are where it is, what courses does it offer, is there any progression onto further education, and what kind of reputation do they have.

The Place to Be

Your college experience will be defined by many factors, but one of the most important for a socially happy point of view is the environment around you. It is very important to look at yourself as a whole and what you like to do and then try and work out if the university has the same values and offers the same recreational and cultural activities that you like.

Start by making a list of activities and interests you have and research online or on an open day if the university can satisfy this part of your personality, as a happy person is a happy learner!

How Do They Teach

Obviously learning is the main factor to consider as that’s why you are going to university, but research how they teach. Do they put emphasis on classroom learning, or is there a weight on experience learning? Are there facilities to conduct original research or do they prefer studies of original research already undertaken.

When comparing the available courses, make sure you consider whether you can add a minor or double major to your goal if that will help you get to where you want to be. Are there professional academic advisors to help guide you and keep you on track.

Military Families

Another important consideration for many families across the country is whether the university is suitable for military families.  Dependant on your state, you need to think about whether it is a military friendly college in New England, for example. Military families have many different requirements to most people, so you need to consider whether the university takes your experience, training, and prior coursework into consideration if you need to transfer to New England. Furthermore, whether they offer discounts for active service members, veterans, and their spouses, is also an important question. Similarly, you will need to find out how affordable are their tuition rates.


Make sure that it is a student-focused university that is there to support you as it shouldn’t be a university that is set up to be successful just in the classroom, but they should also help you excel and expand your learning to all aspects of your college life.

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a university as it is not just about the educational credentials, but also about how the college fits in with you are your life. By choosing the university that meets all your needs you will be happy and will want to learn, therefore will leave the university with a result that makes you and the university happy!