Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is HealthBlogs?
    The goal of is to provide a free blogging space for people to write about health and health challenges.
  • What’s not allowed on HealthBlogs?
    Commercial blogs are not permitted. “Splogs,” or spam blogs, are not permitted. Humans review new blogs every day. Those which are considered inappropriate for any reason (at the sole discretion of the administrator) are quickly deleted.
  • Why doesn’t my blog ever appear?
    An administrator approves all new blogs before they can become active. If your blog is considered inappropriate, your request will be denied. You will not be notified. If you believe your blog should be considered for approval, please use the contact form to reach an administrator.
  • Why did my blog disappear?
    Are you trying to sell something? When we come across blogs which were created for the purpose of selling or promoting a product or service, we delete it. Remember, this site is supported by volunteers and donations. If you represent a reputable organization and wish to pay for a blog, please contact us.
  • Does HealthBlogs accept donations?
    Yes, we do.    To make a donation, click here: