In the last decade, the spotlight for businesses has turned on the workplace as a source not only of health and safety hazards, but a location of unhealthy behaviors.

With employees regularly sitting at their desks for up to 8 hours at a time without exercising, stretching or being active, your staff can develop long-term health problems that can be directly attributed to their workplace habits. As such, this article aims to help companies enhance the well-being of their staff by encouraging proactive health practices inside companies in 2020.

Activity and Wellness

It’s not difficult to offer staff some incentive to get up and move across the office and out into local parks, once a day. Indeed, it’s actually quite a simple item of advice to share in newsletters and at daily meetings to help your staff feel comfortable being away from their desks for five minutes over the working day.

Beyond simply encouraging your staff to get up and be more active across the course of the working week, you could also purchase workers a gym pass, which they can use on the way into or out of the workplace. Meanwhile, running yoga sessions within your office is a great way to engage all of your staff in a healthy form of mild exercise across the months ahead.

Eyes and Necks

When you’re craning your neck to look at a screen, squinting your eyes to read between the pixels, it’s unsurprising that you can develop eye problems and neck pains from working in an office. These are two of the most common ailments to befall office workers, and they can be avoided with the right kind of action from employers.

To help your staff stay on top of their eye health and well-being, you should look to invest in corporate eyecare vouchers. These can help your staff go for regular check-ups for their eyes, while also providing them with the funds to purchase new glasses or lenses if they need them. Meanwhile, better seating and better-aligned computer screens can help avoid the kind of neck and back injuries that can debilitate workers in office environments.

Food and Drink

Finally, you should think carefully about the food and drink that you offer in your office. Your staff will, of course, make regular use of the tea and coffee facilities in your office. But, if you’re not offering clean wate, and healthy snacks, chances are that your staff will purchase less healthy options from local stores around your office.

As such, spending a little extra cash to buy in fruit, vegetables, and heathy snacks can really boost the wellness of your staff when they’re in the office. Likewise, by installing a quality water cooler, you’ll be able to offer the perfect refreshment for your staff. This is considerably healthier than the soda cans that they’re likely to buy out of the office.

For modern businesses that care about their workers’ well-being and long-term health, the tips above should help plan a better working lifestyle for all of those who work in your facility.