As common as this problem is, it isn’t any less serious. Snoring is something that might seem irritating to those who sleep next to the snorer, but there’s a large probability that there might be more behind the noise. Sometimes, snoring is overlooked, or misdiagnosed. There are plenty of ways it might be affecting your body as well as your life, and it’s time that you learn about them, now! You can also visit for more info about snoring and its solutions.

Relationships Affected

Not only is the person sleeping next to you disturbed from the noise, he/she tends to be cranky too. People who snore become short-tempered and are seen to be on-edge more than often. There’s no questioning on how that can get in the way of relations, and how that’s bad for your mental health!

Disrupted Sleep

People who snore tend to wake up more often, even though they might not know it themselves. Also, the oxygen supply to your body is cut for many seconds at a stretch, which can be damaging to the overall development of the body. You’re more likely to feel tired, worked-up and might feel crankier. It might even cause frequent headaches or the constant feeling of sleep deprivation.

Prolonged Discomfort

Some people might face adverse effects of snoring. They might be seen sleeping during their working hours, being extremely irritable, losing their concentration or even becoming depressed. It’s important to go to a doctor if you see these conditions happening to you or a loved one.

Sleep Apnea

This is a dangerous medical condition which causes the airway to collapse. If left untreated, it may lead to high blood pressure, strokes and even heart attacks. If not so severe, it is also a factor behind poor memory, fatigue, the excessive need to nap during the day, and even impotency. A person suffering from this condition might wake up as many as 100 times a night, and sometimes wake up gasping.


Stats show that the lack of sleep causes 20% of the road accidents that occur. Other charts show that excessive sleepiness might lead to mishaps while using machinery, cranes, trucks and other utilities that require handling with extreme care. So, if you’re losing a grip on the pedal, it’s time to you head to the doctor, before you lose your grip on life.

Fight-And-Flight Response

As experts say, snoring blocks your airway, which makes your brain think that you’re being choked. In this short duration and in response to the situation, chemicals and hormones are released by the brain, such as insulin and adrenalin. Though the release is stopped with your next breathe, it’s enough to cause problems like weight gain and increased sugar levels on a long-term, doing you no good.

Strained Heart

Some causes of snoring are linked with heart diseases, while in every other case, there is still a constant pressure being built on your heart as your oxygen supply is cut for those 10 seconds. Eventually, it obviously will affect your body systems, and deteriorate the quality of your life.