Even kids snore. If you are a parent, you must have heard your child snoring after an active day. You would ascribe this to fatigue, but be careful. If your child snores too often, this can turn into something serious.

Of course, that even kids will snore when they catch a cold. Parents know how often their kids get sick. Little rogues don’t pay attention if their shirt is wet and it is windy outside, or if they drink cold water after football.

When you hear them snore in the middle of the night, it sure can be because they are tired, or they caught a cold. However, if you notice that your kid snores almost every night, it is about time to devote to solving this problem as soon as possible.

Snoring can affect your kid’s everyday life and normal functioning. The kid will sleep less, or the quality of the sleep will be poor. Further, it is possible that your kid becomes more sensible or irritable. If you have a schoolboy or a girl, your child will probably be less focused and concentrated. Maybe you will notice some other behavioral changes. As you can see, snoring at the young age is more dangerous than it looks like.

You know that snorers usually drink, smoke, are overweighted and don’t exercises. But, what causes snoring in kids?

  • Allergies,
  • Deviations in the nose (enlarged tonsils, turbinate or adenoids, deviated septum),
  • Airway shape,
  • Obesity.

A surprising fact is that about 20% of kids snore almost on a regular base.

Take some time. We mentioned that the enlargement of tonsils and adenoids might cause snoring. However, tonsils grow larger until the age of seven. However, after that age, they tend to get smaller. If your kid is under the age of six or seven, it is best to wait a bit and follow the snoring process. It is very possible that the snoring will lessen as your kid turns seven or eight.

Allergies are a very common cause of kids’ snoring. However, they are probably the easiest to handle, as there are many medications for allergies. On the other side, you can try with some natural remedies, such as rinsing your child’s nostrils with salty water. Your kid may feel a bit uncomfortable, but eventually, it will get used to it.

When it’s time to be worried

It is always important to keep an eye on your kid. Now it is time to pay attention even when it is sleeping. If you notice that your child has pauses in breathing, it is very likely that we talk about obtrusive sleep apnea here. This is something you two need to take care of as soon as possible.

Continuous obtrusive sleep apnea will have some long-term effect. For example, your child will have problems with studying and it will have growth issues. In the worst case, the apnea will induce heart failure or a high blood pressure.

Yet, the percentage of the kids who have obtrusive sleep apnea is 4-5% out of 20%. In this case, your kid should take prescribed medicaments, while there is a chance for surgery also.

We hope that the condition is not that serious and that you can help your kid right away. Take him to the mountain or to swimming. Lungs will develop in the right way and your kid will breathe easier. If the snoring at your kid maybe affects your other kid, maybe you should think of buying a snoring mouthpiece. It is completely harmless and what is the most important, it can really help. Here are some snore mouthpiece reviews. Have a look at them and help your child sleep better.