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We all get occasional body aches and pains, but how do you know when it’s just getting older or if it’s something else causing the discomfort?

There are many different reasons why you might be experiencing body aches and pains.

Keep reading to learn some of the most common ones.

  1. Dehydration and Lack of Nutrients

You’d be surprised by how much of your physical and mental health depends on what you take into your body. If you aren’t getting enough of the right things then you not only run the risk of serious illness but also of living with daily aches and pains.

Just being a little dehydrated can cause cognitive issues, lack of concentration, headaches, muscle cramps, and more.

Water isn’t the only thing your body needs to work properly though. Body aches and pains can often be partly due to not having the right vitamins and nutrients.

B12 deficiency or low iron can cause tingling, numbness, aches, and pains in your extremities.

If you are eating healthy and well-balanced meals throughout the day, you should not only get enough nutrients and vitamins to fuel your body and feel better but with a proper diet up to 20% of your hydration can come from the fruits and veggies you consume.

  1. Not Stretching Properly

You often see athletes stretching before they begin working out but it’s not just something the pros need to do. You don’t have to be running a marathon for stretching to be a good idea.

Your muscles and joints can be easily injured, strained, sprained, and stressed if you aren’t proactive about stretching and exercising them.

Even if you are spending the day at the office or sitting on the couch binge-watching Netflix, you need to stretch and move your muscles to avoid aches and pains.

The longer you are inactive, the more you’ll find the need to stretch your muscles in order to avoid injury or body aches and pains when you do.

Many who work in an office or sitting at a desk all day end up feeling sore by the end of the day but don’t realize it is from not using, stretching, and caring for their muscles during the workday.

  1. Bad Posture

How you hold your body when sitting or standing can have a lot to do with feeling body aches and pains.

We’ve all slept the wrong way and woken up stiff and sore, well if you don’t pay attention to your posture when awake you can end up causing the same kind of aches.

You may have an unnatural or affected alignment of your spine because of your posture. It is one of the main reasons to see a chiropractor. An expert can help realign your spine and ease the stress and pain your posture or physical strain has put on it.

  1. Bad Habits Can Cause Body Aches and Pains

Many of us have bad habits that contribute to the aches and pains we experience. Sometimes it isn’t immediately obvious that they are the major contributing factor. Not living in the moment, worrying about the future rather than paying attention to what you’re doing right now can end up leaving you with bad posture. Poor body mechanics and lack of awareness can cause the harm you do to joints, muscles, and the rest of your body.

Wearing footwear for looks rather than comfort is often a mistake, especially for women. High heels are a common cause of aches and pains in the lower back, calves, shoulders, and more. Proper supportive footwear is important to feeling your best.

  1. Illness, Infection, Inflammation

Aches and pains aren’t always because of posture or anything you do though. There are many medical explanations for overall body aches and pains.

Some of the medical or physiological causes of body aches and pains include (but are not limited to):


Conditions such as:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Autoimmune diseases (polymyositis, lupus, etc)
  • Drug adverse reaction

If the pain seems to be from the joints and bones it is possible arthritis or another condition is causing the discomfort.


Body aches and pains may be caused by a common cold, the flu or some form of viral or bacterial infection. Intervention and treatment with antibiotics may be necessary depending on the type and causes of infection.


Inflammation can be caused by infection, injury, illness, water retention, and other medical reasons. An injury is more likely to cause localized pain though there can always be internal damage that isn’t visible or immediately noticeable to the naked eye.

Consultation with a medical professional is always adviced if you suspect a medical cause for symptoms you’re experiencing.

  1. Wrong Equipment and Tools

Ergonomics are important when it comes to minimizing body aches and pains. Being proactive about your physical and mental well-being is critical when it comes to your work environment.

A well-planned and created workspace with an ergonomically correct chair, desk, keyboard are essential for office workers. Other work environments will have their own health and safety measures and training for working safely.

Lifting, moving, sitting, and performing tasks in a safe and healthy manner will help you avoid aches and pains caused by poor ergonomics and body mechanics.

  1. Fatigue and Lack of Self-Care

One of the biggest factors in body aches and pains is how well someone takes care of themselves. Getting the right amount of sleep, de-stressing, being physically active, and giving your body and mind a rest from the world can make a huge difference in how you feel.

More people than ever are experiencing body aches and pains at a younger age than ever before because of lack of self-awareness and self-care. Hours spent texting, typing, scrolling, and posting leaves many feeling sore and stiff at the end of the day.

Unplugging from the cyberworld and meditating away the stress from the real one can relieve tension and stress you don’t even realize you’re carrying in your shoulders, back, neck, and more.

Be Proactive in Avoiding Body Aches and Pains

You will be the biggest factor in avoiding and treating body aches and pains. While some need medical intervention and assistance to manage, most of the most common causes of body aches and pains are things you can change.

Eating right, sleeping well, staying hydrated, and taking care of your physical and mental health will all help relieve many of the aches and pains you may feel.

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