Unlike many other eating plans or dietary choices, being vegan is a lifestyle choice that is often made by people for reasons other than nutrition. These reasons are usually related to the welfare of animals and based on a persons belief that consuming or using animal products is not ethical. Despite the fact that the choice to live a vegan lifestyle is not generally based on nutrition, there are many health benefits involved. Quite a few different scientific studies have concluded that being vegan provides many benefits that can contribute to physical well being and longevity. This is great news for people who are taking a stand and committing to the cause of ending animal exploitation in all its forms.

Every single reputable health organization in the entire world advises that eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and less animal products is beneficial for your health. In 1999 a study carried out at the Oxford University showed that vegans had lower levels of cholesterol than both vegetarians and meat eaters. The data showed that the cholesterol levels of vegetarian and meat eaters were very similar. High cholesterol contributes to high blood pressure, heart disease and many other health problems. The study concluded that meat eaters and vegetarians are much more likely to suffer from heart disease than vegans. A 2005 study that was carried out by scientists Berkow and Barnard showed that switching from a diet including meat to a vegan diet can actually lower pre-existing cholesterol levels and reduce hypertension.

A vegan diet is significantly lower in calories than both vegetarian and meat inclusive diets. This means that vegans have little or no risk at developing weight problems that can contribute towards the onset of many different potentially fatal health issues. According to the China Study, which is the most comprehensive study into nutrition that has ever been conducted, risk factors of diseases such as cancer, arthritis and diabetes are directly related to the amount of animal products that are included in a persons diet. Every time you eat a plant based product instead of an animal product you lower your chances of developing a serious illness or diseases.

Evidence showing the extensive benefits of a vegan diet continues to amass. A new U.S study that analysed the habits of half a million people over a period of ten years found that those who ate the most red meat had a higher overall risk of dying early, especially from causes such as heart disease or cancer. Vegetarians often replace meat with other animal products such as milk and eggs, evidence has shown that milk, eggs and other dairy products contribute to obesity. In studies that have compared diets that include meat to vegetarian diets it has been found that the rates of obesity, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes are similar in both groups. This is definitely a testament to the fact that vegan diets provide more health benefits than either of these options.