Yogic Diet

Often confused with a vegan diet, the yogic diet aims at giving the body all the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and practice yoga more flawlessly. Like yoga, the food you eat should be balanced and must follow the rules of moderation. Yoga is not just a workout but a form of lifestyle which when practiced in its truest of forms brings about the most benefits to the practitioner. The diet of a true yoga practitioner is not difficult to follow. Let’s walk through the basics of a yogic diet and the rules that define it.

Rule # 1   It should be pure

The goal of the serious yogis is to maintain a healthy yet peaceful state of mind. It would require many changes in their lifestyle along with choosing only the purest forms of food as their source of nutrition. The yoga experts believe that the food you eat should be devoid of all sorts of harmful chemicals and additives. Try to stay as true to nature as you possibly can while making sure that the food you eat is healthy and nutritious for your body.

Rule #2 Avoid meat

While some may believe that only meat can fulfill the body’s required protein intake, the concept holds no ground at all. If one is aware of the natural sources of protein that come in the forms of vegetables, leafy greens, legumes, and lentils, they will come to see the truth too. The right proportion of these foods can help fulfill the body’s required protein intake.

Rule #3 Eat fresh

Instead of packing and freezing the food way before in advance, it is advised to prepare fresh food for every meal. This helps preserve its nutritional value and gives you healthy food every time. Eating raw food such as vegetables and fruits is a preferred mode of action. The high nutritional value they contain gives the body the energy it needs to function. Usage of herbs is also suggested too since they contain a lot of health benefits.

Rule #4 Eat in moderation

Instead of you fasting for hours in a row or excessively eating and gaining weight, yogic diet calls for moderation. Eat foods that are healthy, fresh and get digested fairly quickly too. Starving won’t help you lose weight so eat in smaller portions and follow the proper eating schedule as suggested by the yoga experts.

Rule #5 Let your body guide you

If you pay a fair amount of attention to the callings of your body, you will begin to understand the foods that are good for you and the ones you should avoid. Practice the art of mindfulness in your daily life too and think before you eat. Because ultimately the food you will eat would come to define who you are.

For more details on how you can improve your diet and live the life of a true yogi, follow our blog. The yogic diet is simple to follow, and with this guide, you can take a good head start in the right direction.