It becomes very important for us to take more care of our health as we age. The men need to focus on their sexual health as well as overall wellbeing in order to be able to survive as a healthy individual. Most of the men face a lower energy level when the testosterone level in their body falls. As a matter of fact, the low testosterone becomes a leading cause of the decline of health.

Hypogonadism is a major problem which most of the men of today’s world are going through. Testosterone therapy is considered as a solution to this problem.

Nearly 30% of the men over age 65 suffer from the problem of low testosterone. It goes without saying that testosterone replacement therapy comes with a number of benefits including improving the density of bones, increasing the muscles mass, increased production of blood and a lot more. However, one should not ignore the fact that there are certain types of risks that a person has to contend with

Majority of Americans are getting TRT therapy just to boost their energy level as well as sex drive. The Evrnu clinic in Kansas City is one of the most premium clinics which is treating the patients with low testosterone levels.

Most of the people are not aware of several things which we can be regarded as hidden truths. Lots of researches have already been conducted on the effects of testosterone replacement therapy, and different types of outcomes in different people have been seen. Numerous studies have revealed many truths about this therapy. Many other facts are yet to be discovered.

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

TRT therapy is used for people with low testosterone levels. In this therapy, the testosterone is replaced through injections or other ways of medications. This therapy is specifically for men and is known to have a lot of benefits.

Testosterone therapy boosts energy:

In this therapy, the doses of hormones are either injected or prescribed to be taken through oral medicines. No matter which type of method you use, none of the methods has been found to be risky or unsafe.

The main purpose of this therapy is to boost the energy levels, and it works best for it. In many men, testosterone therapy has also been seen to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases. However, different studies conducted in different institutes have also stated that this therapy is becoming the cause of cardiovascular diseases

It helps in losing weight:

In many people, a significant amount of reduction in weight has been seen after this therapy. Men after their 40s start gaining weight. Their obesity becomes the leading cause of low sex drive and poor health. Owing to this, TRT plays a major role in the reduction of weight because without losing weight, the increase in testosterone is not likely to make any difference.

TRT effects fertility:

Although the men take on this therapy to increase their sex drive and boost their reproductive system, they tend to lose their fertility to a large extent after the therapy. In many men, there has been a significant decrease in sperm count. According to experts, the only way to get your fertility back is to stop taking this therapy

Potential health risks due to T therapy:

The TRT results in shrinkage of testicles which in turn, reduces the number of sperms produced by the body. TRT can also be responsible for developing prostate cancer in men with a cancer history. It can also cause the sleep apnea in which the shortness of breath is faced while sleeping.