You know you have to make some changes in your lifestyle the second the first varicose vein symptoms appear. However, that might be a little easier said than done, right? Wrong! It’s actually pretty easy to change up your lifestyle in regards to protecting your veins. There are some really simple things that you can do in order to prevent varicose veins and to manage your veins altogether. Here are the things that you can use to improve your situation.


There are thousands of things that exercise is good for, and one of them just so happens to be managing varicose veins. When you exercise, you improve your blood flow and subsequently you manage the way blood flows through these problematic veins. Exercising will reduce how much blood starts to cluster up in your veins and thus will allow you to live much healthier. This isn’t just a means of managing damage already done, but also (if not especially) of preventing it from happening in the first place. So not only will exercise help you deal with your current situation, but it will also make sure that it doesn’t evolve into something bigger.

Keep your legs up

When dealing with varicose veins, it’s important to keep blood and pressure out of your legs for as much as possible. It’s really helpful if you can keep your legs up for at least ten minutes a day. A really easy way in which you can do this is by sleeping with your legs elevated on a stack of pillows, blankets or whatever you have on hand. Make sure that your legs are at a higher level than the rest of your body and let gravity do its magical job. This will take off a lot of pressure off your legs and more specifically, your veins.

Wear socks and clothes that don’t constrict your legs

We all know those socks that just strangle our legs. Make sure you don’t wear that kind of socks and instead wear socks with very elastic openings which won’t constrict blood flow to and from your legs in any way. This is very important as you could easily worsen your situation by wearing clothes that prevent your body from correctly distributing blood where it’s needed, how it’s needed and when it’s needed.

Lose some weight

Being overweight is a major problem when it comes to varicose veins, because you’re not able to fully take care of yourself. You can’t exercise properly and you will just have an even worse time. Even if you’re not overweight, losing a couple of pounds can help take pressure off your legs and veins, and thus help you recuperate a lot faster and more efficiently.