If you’ve heard of massage therapy, then you have probably been interested in just how effective and beneficial it is. Did you know that Thai massage can help you reduce your stress, feel more fluid in your body, and ease muscle and joint tightness? Plus, it is offered right here in Calgary. So learn a bit more about this ancient massage treatment and discover how our massage therapists can help you get back to feeling great.

What is Thai Massage?

Despite the name, this type of massage therapy was first used in India before spreading to other Asian countries and eventually all across the globe. Today, you can find thai massage in Calgary, as well as in other Western nations, and professionals will recommend this type of treatment for its wonderful benefits and soothing effects. The basis of this form of massage has its roots in Ayurvedic therapy, a blend of yoga, meditation, and herbal treatments. A typical Thai massage session will include the incorporation of yoga asanas (or postures) as well as herbal remedies and meditation practices. Everything adds together to create a unique and relaxing experience that has been helping people all over the world feel better for centuries.

Who is it For?

A Thai massage therapy session can be experienced by just about anyone. While we don’t advise that children undergo the massage treatment, those over 18 can most certainly feel the benefits of our esteemed massage therapists, who have been practicing Thai massage in Calgary for quite some time. Moreover, we highly recommend that people who are struggling with chronic body pain check in for a preliminary Thai massage session. Just one visit will show you just how effective this type of treatment can be! Our clients have come to us when they were dealing with intense and throbbing pain in the back, head, neck, and shoulders, as well as joints. Thai massage is also great for athletes or physically active people who are experiencing muscle soreness, spasms, or tension. Of course, a massage treatment session can be a wonderful way to ease your stress and melt your cares away!

How Effective is it?

Through its use of Ayurvedic techniques and practices, Thai massage has been trusted by people from various walks of life as a holistic treatment for their backaches, headaches, body tension, and anxiety and stress. Just one treatment will prove to be helpful in relaxing and untangling the muscles as well as filling you with a newfound sense of calm and order. Whether you want to use Thai massage strictly for your physical woes and pain, or if you want to incorporate the yoga postures into your treatment for a healthy mind-body experience, Thai massage in Calgary can help you feel your absolute best in no time at all. Give us a call to learn more about our services as well as to book an appointment at your earliest convenience.