honey pot

Our society is one that is heavily medicated. We have prescriptions for just about everything you can imagine. Unfortunately, we have seen a rise in addictions to prescription medicines. It’s been argued that you cannot develop an addiction to something your body needs. However, we do see people that don’t use the medicine as prescribed or the doctors over prescribe the medicines and people are becoming hooked. Many of these folks have to utilize services, like rehab in Orange County, to deal with prescription pill addictions. What we could do is use natural remedies to help with our ailments in conjunction with the regime our doctor prescribes.


CBD oil has been around for a long time and has been used for many ailments. Those ailments include:

·  Anxiety and panic attack disorders

·  Epilepsy

·  Multiple sclerosis

·  Fibromyalgia

·  Arthritis

·  Quit smoking

·  Quitting drug addictions

·  Insomnia

·  Mood swings

·  Some cancers

·  Type 1 diabetes

·  Acne

·  Alzheimer’s disease

CBD oil is non-habit forming and can allow the patient to self-medicate. For some minor issues, self-medication can make a world of difference in hefty medical bills. For some of the major illnesses, self-medicating may not be very effective as your progress needs to be monitored. A cancer patient dealing with chemotherapy should disclose to their doctor their CBD oil use. Some doctors are willing to work with homeopathic methods to help improve their patient’s health.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is an unsung hero in the world of natural remedies and not utilized nearly enough! ACV is antibacterial and antifungal and aids with a slew of ailments:

·  Heartburn

·  Reflux

·  Diarrhea

·  Vomiting

·  Warts

·  Eczema

·  Bladder infections

·  High blood pressure

·  Aids in losing weight

·  High cholesterol

·  Diabetes

·  Allergies

·  Hot flashes

·  Arthritis

·  Flu

·  Sprains

ACV is easily affordable and even easier to take. Just a teaspoon a day can maintain and promote good health while assisting your ailments. You could easily find yourself cutting down on blood pressure medicines and pain medicines.


We use honey to sweeten recipes and to add to our tea but honey is a golden gift of healthiness when you buy the right stuff. All honey should be purchased from your local farmer’s market, rather than the grocery store chain. What’s in the chain will be imported in from longer distances and is so heavily processed, it’s lost its healing magic. Honey from the farmer is a perfect specimen for you to work with. Honey is well known in caring for allergies, especially seasonal allergies in your area. Because you are purposely exposing yourself to smaller amounts of pollen in the honey, it builds up your immunity to where you won’t need allergy medicines anymore! Other ailments it can take care of are:

·  Eczema

·  Ulcers

·  Common cold

·  Sore throat

·  Acne

·  Eye infections

·  Heart disease

·  Diabetes

·  Weight gain

With just a teaspoon a day, you can certainly keep that doctor away! Honey is full of vitamins and minerals that so much of our food is already lacking. It just makes sense to add it to your diet.

In days of old, we used natural remedies to cure so much of what ails us today. While major changes in the health industry have been very helpful, we still should be using natural remedies to help us along. When we use all of the options available, we can only win!