Baldness, hair thinning or hair loss can be traumatic. There are lots of causes of this, for both men and women, but baldness much more common in men, particularly a condition known as androgenic alopecia, a condition better known as male pattern baldness.

Baldness isn’t really a condition. It’s a symptom of something else. And it can take several forms. When a man loses his hair, sometimes he will only lose the hair on the crown of the head, while the hair around the perimeter stays put. In other cases, he will lose some of the hair on random spots over the head, and in some cases, known as alopecia universalis, he will lose all of the hair not only from his head but also from his entire body, including eyelashes.

Although some forms of alopecia cannot be reversed, there is often a hair regrowth treatment that will help encourage regrowth of hair that has been lost. Hair loss can be traumatic for men, and more and more of them are seeking solutions to regain their thick mane of hair. One of the main reasons men are bothered by their hair loss is that they think it makes them look older and less virile. Recent technological advancements in this area have helped many men regain at least some measure of new hair growth. Laser combs and procedures that stimulate the hair follicle are among the many options for hair regrowth solutions.

With the proliferation of options out there for regaining the glorious head of hair you had in your youth, there is an option for virtually everyone. Some treatments will work more effectively than others for each individual case. Typically, it is best to have your situation evaluated by a doctor who can then recommend a course of treatment or send you to a specialist who will work with you. One factor that goes into determining which course of action is best for your particular situation is the nature and extent of your baldness, as well as the underlying cause. In some cases, it may be necessary to first treat an underlying condition of which the hair loss is a symptom (perhaps you are taking a medication that is causing the hair loss, too). In other cases, it will be effective to simply treat the baldness itself on a more localized level. If there is a genetic component to your baldness, treatment may be more difficult, but not necessarily impossible. Another deciding factor when it comes to treatment for baldness is your comfort level. Do you want to go the surgical route?  Are you more comfortable with topical or oral treatments? Talk to your doctor and work with him to come up with a course of treatment that is both well matched to your particular symptoms and to your level of comfort with surgery, etc.