Salad is much more than an assembly of green leafy vegetables, fruits, grains and meat topped with your favorite dressing. Salad taken before dinner is a surprise health package in itself which you may be yet to realize. Learn what you’ve been gaining by having a plate of salad just before the last meal of the day. Here we discuss a few health benefits of Salads.

Keep overeating at bay
A light dinner is always suggested, particularly for those of us who lead sedentary lives or hit the bed straight after the meal. Feeding on a plate full of salad makes you feel fuller and you automatically reduce your portion size for dinner. Sometimes when you are eating out in a party or with family, there are all chances that you’d want to make a pig of yourself by treating your taste buds with all that is available. The result – too much of overeating leading to indigestion and other troubles. If you have salad before any such indulgence, you will be able to keep away from gorging so much as to harm you.

Shed some flab
Salad is popular amongst dieters because of its established power of making you lose the extra pounds that you may be carrying. That’s because they are very low in calories and high in dietary fiber- both of which are necessary for effective weight loss. Some of us are disinclined to salad and add generous blobs of ready to use salad dressings to make salads more palatable. Not realizing that these yummy dressings may be very high in calories, you may actually put on weight instead of losing. Salad, with the right kind of dressing of course, will surely make you feel lighter and more active if you include it in your menu just before dinner. This way you will be taking in lesser calories from your main course as compared to what you’d have taken in the absence of salad.

Benefit from fruits and vegetables
You will definitely benefit from the fruits and vegetable that you include in your salad. Eating green leafy vegetables for salad just before dinner is a good way of bidding good riddance to constipation and other digestion related problems since these vegetables have high amounts of insoluble fiber which aids bowel movement. The high amounts of antioxidants in fruits protect you from a number of health problems by fighting the free radicals generated in the body.

What’s more, salads are delicious and require no cooking time- ideal for those who cannot devote much time for making dinner. They are satisfying to the eyes and you can mix and create any combination of fruits and veggies to craft your own salad. Thus, you can ensure your salad plate doesn’t appear same and monotonous every day. As they are low in calories, overeating