Sitting is a disease. Surprised? Well, if you are perched comfortably on your driver’s seat all the while on the hour long drive to the office, spend a good 8 to 9 hours sitting on your work chair, and then sink in the couch till your eyelids begin to droop, sitting is certainly a disease. Your sedentary lifestyle is making you a victim of the sitting disease, and it’s time you owned up to the fact that you are aging much earlier because you’re leading a ridiculously sedentary lifestyle. Heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, cancer and several other long term health problems – all are risked with much more probability of occurrence when you fail to shed off the inertia in your life. You will only have to surf the World Wide Web for a few moments to hit upon credible research studies that establish irrefutable links between excessive sitting and exposure to problems stated above. Make sure that you don’t mete out injustice to your body; follow these proven effective health tips for surviving the side effects of your job and lifestyle.

Let yesterday be the last time you had your lunch on your desk
Unless your employer provides you massaging chairs to work while sitting on, there’s no reason for you to even consider having your lunch at your desk. Reason – Your logic of putting the lunch hour to use for work for being able to reach home half an hour earlier than usual is flawed. Not only does your brain become absolutely exhausted earlier, leading to reduced productivity, but also you’ll lose out on one of the few excuses of moving your body that your sedentary lifestyle gives you. So, get yourself moving for lunch, and don’t mind leaving the office when everybody else does.

Don’t sit in those meetings
In almost all offices, meetings are the second most inefficient applications of time, second to emails. Unarguably, you spend an average of two hours in a meeting after struggling for 4 to 5 hours through long and winding email threads. Why not let these meetings be more beneficial for yourself by opting out of the chair and trying to move around the room in case that comes across as a good choice.

Get some cool health toys
Be the smart one by keeping away from the apparel store this weekend and investing your money in a good health product. Food pedals could be a good option for those who have absolutely no way to move around much while at work, as they can make your feet and legs undergo a lot of movement even while in the sitting position. There are grander picks, such as dual motor riser recliner chairs, that can provide you all the comfort that you could want from your chair. Replace your home sofa with one of these chairs and enjoy the motorized rising and reclining movements of these pampering chairs.