When it comes to alcohol and drug consumption, there are so many stats revolving around. Over 23 million individuals in America battle with alcohol and drug abuse every year but only less than 1% seek professional assistance. Many people think they don’t need any rehab, while others feel ashamed. But the truth is, whoever is going through such abuse should visit rehab center. If you know someone who is dealing with alcohol or drug abuse, here are signs signifying they need to go to the rehabilitation center.

1.      You Face Several Health Problems

Drugs have many short and long-term effects on your health from changes in appetite to fatal heart attacks. All these effects depend on the type and amount of drugs you consume. Signs and symptoms of drugs affecting your health are not obvious at the beginning. With the passage of time, however, you begin to experience major physical changes indicating you should search for rehab center as soon as possible.

2.      Your Relationship with Others Become Hassled

Excessive and repeated use of alcohol or other any other drug can make you short-tempered and prone to arguing. Your family and friends begin to notice changes that occur in your behavior, which can put a strain on your relationships eventually. If your habit of drinking and the consuming drugs has reached the point where you don’t even talk to people close to you, then this is a clear indication that you need help.

3.      You Can’t Do without Drugs and Alcohol

Initially, you may not be very fond of drugs and alcohol; addiction starts as occasional consumption of substance. However, the situation gets worse when you start thinking that you are under the control of this substance. You begin to rely on these drugs to function throughout the day. When the ‘need’ of this substance escalates, this is a sign that you need professional help. You can visit this http://www.freedomaddiction.ca to see the website of Freedom from Addiction, a world-class drug and rehab center in Aurora, Ontario, to see how they offer help.

4.      Your Other Activities Suffer

In the beginning, you don’t notice much difference in your activities and daily tasks. With the passing time, addiction becomes abnormal and you seem to get insanely involved in the substance leading you to ignore other daily activities. If your academic and work life has been severely affected by your addiction, this is about time you seek professional help.

5.      You Make Bad Decisions

The influence of consuming drugs and alcohol is more than one can imagine. From taking every other important thing for granted to making decisions that highly threaten your freedom, these drugs can destroy your life. For example, you can get caught while driving under the influence, which sometimes leads to severe consequences. These were a few visible and most common signs that occur when you use alcohol and drugs. They can get even worse if you don’t get timely aid.