Who doesn’t fear cancer! With the advancement of health and technology, this lethal disease has been a regular phenomenon in different forms: throat, lung, skin, blood, prostate cancer etc.  Additionally, another form of cancer, i.e., the breast cancer has been a very common disease, particularly among the woman all over the world. Treatment of such cancer is very expensive and therefore the world has focused more in preventing breast cancer, raising appropriate breast cancer awareness.

Breast Cancer: basis, result and awareness

Breast cancer is not gender specific and can be found both in men and women. However, such occurrence is more frequent among women, girls, teenagers or even young ladies. Breast cancer may also happen due to hereditary reasons: inherited gene mutations. The treatment for the breast cancer varies depending on the stage of the cancer, rate of the growth of the cancer cells, age of the patient, type of the breast cancer, and the strength of the immune system of the patient. One of the common breast cancer treatment method is chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy And Breast Cancer.

Chemotherapy utilizes drugs that weaken and destroy breast cancer cells. It is a systemic therapy that affects the entire body, since it flows through the bloodstream. It is mainly used in three ways:

  1. It is utilized in early stages of invasive breast cancer to destroy any cancerous cells that may be still present after surgery or to prevent breast cancer to reappear.
  2. In advanced stages, it used to destroy as many cancerous cells as possible.
  3. Prior to surgery, it is used to shrink the breast cancer.

Bearing Expense for Cancer Treatment: Charity Organizations

Fortunately, there are various organizations that provide assistance for the breast cancer patients for the treatment as a form of charity. Spreading breast cancer awareness is one of the major functions of such organizations. Such awareness would help enhancing the fund raising efforts for the breast cancer treatment through such charity organizations. The breast cancer society is one of such charity organization that has established a good reputation in this regard. If you haven’t heard about them, consider visiting their website http://www.breastcancersociety.org/aboutbreastcancer/thebreastcancermovement/breastcancerawarenessmonth/.