Mesothelioma is a disease that must be fought on multiple fronts. From legal battles to treatment side effects, this type of cancer is down right complicated to deal with. In order to prepare yourself to get well, you will require both physical and mental support.

Many mesothelioma patients agree that certain foods can help mitigate the effects of cancer as well as aid in relieving the side effects of certain medications. By making slight changes to your diet and nutrition, you can fight your mesothelioma symptoms, here’s how…

The Food/Cancer Conundrum

Many patients agree that cancer can negatively affect the appetite and chemo can seriously alter the way certain foods taste, sometimes making even your favorite foods unpalatable.

One way to combat these affects on your appetite is to get creative. Try different varieties of healthy foods and even different meal combinations to trigger your food cravings. Chemo can cause sores to develop in different areas of the mouth; to avoid unnecessary discomfort, stay away from spicy or acidic foods until the sores are healed.


Though it may be hard to keep food down, especially during treatment, it is not recommended that you take supplements during treatment for mesothelioma. Certain supplements can interfere with treatment drugs and cause complications. If you are considering adding a supplement, speak to your doctor beforehand.

Planning Meals

Patients and caregivers must work together to develop a meal plan that suits the patients specific nutrition requirements. Meals don’t have to be boring or tasteless; stock up on the patient’s favorite foods that remain palatable during chemo treatment.

To reduce the time needed to prepare meals, make them a few days ahead of time. Freezing complete meals guarantees the patient will have nutritious food available at any time. If you are having trouble coming up with different meals, speak with your doctor or dietitian to help you plan out your week’s grocery list.

Getting More Bang for Your Buck

Eating nutritious foods is one thing, but when you have cancer, it is hard for your body to absorb calories and vitamins. Make sure each meal is power-packed with all the essentials.

If it is difficult to keep food down. Instead of eating three square meals, break meals up into several portions. In order to keep your body strong, you should eat as often as you are able.

Always drink water either before or after meals or snacks – not during. Drinking during meals can make you feel more full, and to get the most out of your meals you must be able to eat as many nutrients as possible during each sitting.

To Add Protein

Protein can be added to your diet in a variety of ways. If you are having trouble eating red meat or poultry, try tofu, spinach, eggs, nuts, and beans. These food items are rich in protein and are relatively easy to digest.

Using spreads such as peanut butter or Nutella to toast or other items can add both protein and much needed calories to meals and snacks.

Adding powdered milk to food or drinks can also help you to increase your protein intake if you are having trouble digesting other protein rich foods.

To Increase Caloric Intake

Cook with real butter, olive oil, and vegetable oil. How you cook can help you increase the amount of calories in healthy foods like vegetables. Other ways to increase you calorie intake can include using whole milk, full fat sour cream, and heavy cream to your recipes.


Reducing Stress

Careful collaboration between doctors and caregivers is essential. Knowing that these individuals are helping each other work out the logistics of treatment can help reduce the immense stress that comes with physically fighting this disease.

In addition, your doctor should also work with your attorney to determine what may have caused you to contract mesothelioma. Remember to choose an attorney who is familiar with the disease. further recommends you choose an attorney with a substantial history of preparing and taking mesothelioma lawsuits specifically to trial. Knowing that the legalities related to mesothelioma are being handled by a professional can also help to reduce stress.

When faced with cancer, many individuals feel that activities such as yoga and meditation can help take the emotional edge off. Light yoga or chair yoga can be performed with minimal effort, yet you can still experience the full benefits of the practice including improving the quality of sleep, reaching deep relaxation, and increasing blood flow to areas of the body which are healing.

It is important to stay positive and know that you can fight this disease. Good nutrition and helpful support from your doctor, caregiver, attorney, and loved ones can help you conquer mesothelioma and also help you sustain yourself during even the most trying times.