Fitbug.1Step into the future of fitness with the Fitness Orb. The Orb is the most recent fitness tracker launched by UK’s leading fitness company, Fitbug with you in mind. Now keep track of every extra calorie you consume and spend with this Orb. The Orb is like your most faithful and accurate trainer ever, giving you the count of every step taken, distance travelled, sleep patterns and calories burnt. It will tell you how far you are from your target each month.

The Fitbug Features-

In spite of all its amazing and more than real specs it has one of the simplest looks and functioning. It is compact, light and extremely lovable. It is absolutely inconspicuous when worn and has only a single button and light- display to indicate the Orb’s current functioning mode. The three axis accelerometer is capable of measuring all movements, strides, and all the relevant data are stored for later access. The lithium ion battery gives an assurance for 6 months at least. Although the Fitbug does not have a display of its own, all the data can be accessed later via any Android device or iPhone. This is the best way to access your health information. It leaves no room for speculation about your fat index, extra calories consumed or the distance between your target and achievement. This is a must have gadget for every man and woman who have been inducted into the new era of technology.

Your Own Pocket-sized Trainer-

Fitbug.2Fitbug is your own professional trainer who tells you how much you have covered, total steps you have taken and the count of aerobic steps. If the light display is grey it means that the user is still a few steps away from set target while magenta means that the user has exceeded his or her target. The target is personalized for each and every user after a week of using the orb. This pocket- sized, accurate fitness expert is amazing when it comes to the encouragement required to continue on the path of fitness. For a more accurate version of your workout regime couple it up with the calendar app. This will allow the user to check for activity history which gives a clear picture of the patterns and trends. If you a first timer and not a sworn fitness freak, then this is your chance to change the way the world looks at you. Not only will you find working with the orb extremely helpful and encouraging, you will also be aided with daily emails for the first week that will explain to you how the Fitbug Orb works and how you can increase your output to synch with the orb. This is really helpful to maintain a level of personal commitment.

Some Added Specs-

images.3In addition to the already mentioned features the Orb also has a couple more to make it a fitness lover’s favourite. The Orb features three ways to send information. The press and send option works for almost all statistic information related to the user and his work schedule. The Beacon feature transmits data on an automatic basis on pre-set intervals. The Data streaming, as the name suggests, streams all data from the Orb to your Android device on a real-time basis and helps monitoring real- time progress. What most users find helpful is the sleep tracking facility. This allows to monitor the sleep patterns, the amount of time taken by user to fall asleep and the hypnagogic state.

Wear It the Way You Like It-

You can choose to wear it around the arm like the pulse- meters or around the wrist like a watch. The tiny device does not scream for attention, but can sync in with your daily wear and fitness wear alike. You can choose to wear it on a belt or around your neck. The Fitbug Orb is waterproof and hence curbs your worries on a rainy day. Choose the Fitbug Orb for a healthier life today.