Sleep apnea is a very common, but dangerous sleep disorder that affects children and adults alike. There are many safe treatments designed specifically for sleep apnea, including lifestyle changes, surgery, pressurized air machines and devices that position the tongue and jaw. Even with these treatments, it is still possible to experience sleepiness and drowsiness the following morning. Below, you will discover several safe treatments for daytime sleepiness related to sleep apnea.

Turn On Lights

Your body produces melatonin, a hormone responsible for sleep, when the lights are out. To offset the production of melatonin, just flip on the lights or open the shades. The light will stimulate your senses and keep you awake, so you can concentrate on the task as hand.

Mint Candy

Mint candy and gum makes a great wakeup treat. In fact, many people with narcolepsy and sleep apnea will chew mint gum or suck on a mint in an effort to combat their sleepiness. You can also utilize add a little peppermint oil to your essential oil burner or light a candle to stay awake. The peppermint aroma will wake your senses, which in turn will help you stay awake.


Modafinil is a prescription drug that is prescribed to people with sleep apnea to offset daytime sleepiness. This drug is very safe to utilize as long as you do not have an allergy to armodafinil. You can find Modafinal for sale online. Always follow the recommendations on the back of the bottle to avoid overstimulation.

Turn On A Fan

Many people find it difficult to stay awake in a warm, cozy room. Whether you are at work or home and begin to experience a bout of sleepiness, you should immediately turn on a fan. The cold air will stimulate your senses and in turn keep you awake. If you become sleepy, while you are driving you should immediately roll down your window. If the cold air does nothing to keep you awake, you may want to pull over and get a few minutes of shuteye.

Stay Active 

Combating sleepiness and drowsiness will be nearly impossible without activity. Even if you are at work, you should be able to get up and walk around a bit. Take advantage of your breaks to get in a few minutes of exercise. If you are sitting at a desk, you can always do a few stretches, open and close your hands, roll your shoulders and pinch your forearm. All of these exercises will stimulate your senses, which is the key to snapping yourself out of a sleepy state.

Healthy Diet 

You will definitely want to exclude sugar from your diet, as it is known to increase the production of insulin, a hormone that controls blood glucose levels. When you consume sugar, your body will utilize the insulin that is stored in your body. The depletion of the insulin will cause you to feel tired and sleepy. Include dark green vegetables, eggs, yogurt, oatmeal and turkey to your diet. All of these foods are healthy and will not cause your blood sugar to increase.