When you want to start an exercise routine, you may wonder how your body is going to react at first. This may be because you are new to an exercise routine, or you have not been active in a long time. Some of the benefits of exercise happen almost immediately, while others start to show up over time. These effects are the result of various chemicals in the body coupled with the efforts of your muscles. The positive changes go far past how your look on the outside. You have better cognitive ability, better mental health, and better physical health.

Brain Cells

Your first day moving is going to feel difficult at first. Don’t give up, though. After only a few minutes of exercise your brain begins to reap the benefits. Your body pumps blood to the muscles immediately. This extra blood flow not only helps your muscles function, it is good for the brain. You aren’t imagining things if your head feels clearer and you are more productive at work later in the day. The extra blood flow to the brain also keeps you attentive during your workout.


Endorphins are your body’s natural pain relief. After you are done with your first workout, your body sets out to comfort you from the pain. Your brain releases endorphins, along with other chemicals. These chemicals give you a euphoric sensation that is likely to last throughout the entire first day. If you have ever heard of runners talking about a runner’s “high”, this is it. You are more likely to handle stressful situations calmly, experience less anxiety, and ward of depression.


Your body starts preparing to get rid of fat from day one. You. However, may not see these results for several weeks. Your body gets rid of fat by first burning glucose to make energy. Your liver holds glycogen which is just glucose in a different form. Your liver lets go of the glycogen so you can use the energy during your workout. The more you work out, the more glucose you need for fuel. Your body turns fat and protein into glucose to make up for what it used up, and to keep you going. Over time, this use of fat for energy begins to show on your body. You should also keep a good diet plan in place.  A calorie deficit is necessary to lose weight. While waiting to lose weight, keep up a positive beauty regimen to pamper yourself. There are a few body creams recommended by Hips and Bum for extra supple skin.


During the first week of your workout routine, your cells get to work increasing in mitochondria. This part of your cells is what gives your energy. They are like your battery. They take the oxygen and other nutrients from inside your blood cells and transform them to adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. You metabolic activity changes at a cellular level at this point. Soon you can handle a workout without becoming so exhausted. Your energy levels rise and during and after your exercise sessions.

The beginning of a workout routine can be a bit daunting at first, yet they get much easier over time. The benefits, however, begin almost immediately. Both your brain and your body can become healthier during the early days of your new schedule. Good things continue as long as you are getting ample exercise.