Most adults would probably rate a good night’s sleep as an accepted right, but anyone who frequently or almost always has trouble achieving one is inclined to rate it right up there with a pre-paid holiday or a winning lottery ticket. There are many things that can cause difficulty getting to sleep and restlessness that prevents deep and refreshing sleep, but there are also some good options for overcoming that difficulty and/or restlessness.

Depending on the individual and the specific circumstances, one of those options is to look into electrically adjustable beds. Since adjustable beds were first introducted in hospitals, they have reached new levels of flexibility, durability and comfort. No longer just for invalids, they are available to anyone and can be customised for almost any need or desire.

Many Benifits
People who have had back surgery, or suffer from any one of several conditions including spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, spondylolisthesis and others can often benefit from an adjustable bed. In fact anyone who has problems sleeping soundly might find that changing from a flat surface to one that supports the shoulders or the lower extremeties can have a salutory effect.

The best electrically adjustable beds have a wide range of positions so they can be rearranged to raise the shoulders, knees or feet, or any combination that is most comfortable for the user. They are equipped with four or five joints in a completely flexible frame which supports the mattress at every pressure point.

An adjustable bed can be a great help to caregivers, saving them much bending and lifting as they attend to a person who struggles to manouver, and it makes getting out of bed much easier for someone with back problems or other incapacitating conditions. Their best and highest purpose, however, is the ability to provide a comfortable position that allows the user to get a good night’s sleep.

Find the correct model for your needs
If you think an adjustable bed would serve your own needs, it’s advisable to shop carefully and choose from those with the most reputable manufacturers and recommendations from users and from the medical profession if possible.

Adjustable beds require special bedding that conforms to changing positions of the mattress, and of course the mattress itself must be able to conform to the bed’s different positions. When you shop for the bed be sure to research the options in bedding, which will differ with the size of your bed and whether that bed is meant for one person only or for two.

Many advancements in technology have made two-person adjustable beds much more common; they are designed so that each person can adjust his or her side of the bed independently of the other. This arrangement has obvious advantages, but the same standards apply; you want both the frame and the mattress to be of the highest quality so you can expect many years of dependable comfort.

Remember that the correct mattress is essential to the bed’s function, if it doesn’t meet your needs, adjusting the bed’s position won’t do much good. In the UK there are many options available, such as UKmobilitydirect. If you shop with care and get the best, this investment might be the best you’ll ever make.