There are many ways to prepare hemp-based foods. You can ingest it directly beneath the tongue like suggests, or you can take it in a variety of forms. Pills, full of an olive oil solution, make it easy to digest with a glass of water. Tasty recipes all over the web give you ideas on how to pulverize seeds and create dishes for every meal.

Hemp is the same species of plant as marijuana, but there are several important differences:

  • Hemp contains less than .3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • Hemp contains less cannabidiol (CBD) than marijuana, so it offers excellent health benefits without the psychoactive properties of marijuana

Hemp has many health benefits you may be unaware of. This seed and its byproducts have all kinds of uses.

Nutritious and Delicious

Hemp can be mixed into almost any dish containing a sauce, or any smoothie, and you would barely notice the change (if you noticed at all). Their flavor is very mild and nutty, but they are packed with awesome nutritional value, including omega-6 and omega-3 fats.

Hemp seeds also offer a good source of vitamins A and E, as well as several important minerals like iron and calcium. If you want to boost your healthy fats and fatty acids, hemp seeds offer an excellent food source for you to try.

Excellent Source of Protein

A common serving for hemp seeds in a meal is around 2-3 tablespoons, which is either mixed into foods or eaten raw. There are about 11 grams in a tablespoon, so you’re looking at 22-33% of your daily allotted protein requirement in just a morning smoothie or hemp-based dish.

You can also take a small dropper beneath the tongue, or in a pill form if you don’t want to cook it. You will need to monitor your dosages to be sure you’re getting the same nutritional values, but there are a variety of ways to ingest this plant-based protein.

Heart Healthy

Hemp is heart healthy, thanks to the amino and fatty acids that help regulate blood flow and make for optimal blood pressure. Like our teeth, our arteries build up with plaque that prevents good blood flow. We eat fatty foods, we age, and we don’t always make healthy life choices along the way. This takes a toll on our heart and our circulatory system.

Hemp seeds can help to regulate blood pressure and flow.

Better Digestion

Due to lots of fiber, both soluble and insoluble, hemp breaks down into a gel-like texture that helps to slow down and aid digestion. Fiber also helps you feel full, so it’s a must-have when you’re considering a diet or you’re trying to put on muscle.

Fiber is also helpful if you’re someone who has stomach problems, like excessive heartburn or indigestion. It can ease your stomach and help you feel better before, during and after eating.

Final Thoughts

Hemp seeds could not be more different from the marijuana that eventually grows from them. Even though both offer health benefits, hemp has a lot of impact on your body. It can aid your digestion, make you feel fuller, offer an excellent source of protein and improve the health of your heart. If you haven’t tried hemp seeds yet, the easiest place to begin is a green smoothie, or supplemental pill or tonic.