Death is inevitable. We can either get anxious over it or accept this universal truth and make the best of the life we have. Since death can’t be predicted, people write their last message to the world in a legal document called ‘will’. It typically contains instructions about what to do with the property of the deceased. Most of us don’t want to write a will because it reminds us of death. It is believed that writing a testament will make us more realistic. It shows that we have accepted what is to come and are prepared for it.

We, sometimes, ignore it because we believe it isn’t the right time for it. I would you ask yourself, what is the right time? It’s not like we know our time of death. So the perfect time to write a will would be right now. It is scary, but also fascinating – writing something you believe are your last words to your friends, family, and to the world. conducted thorough research on the issue to see what Brits think of the will and what they plan to do with theirs. While the issue of will is a serious discussion, one can’t help but be amused with the discoveries.

The UK's attitudes to wills
Provided by Beyond Life