If you’re serious about ridding yourself of your addiction, you might as well start from asking the question, what exactly are the stages of alcoholism? It generally starts with low intake as it rises to a mental and physical interfering stage thus impacting your social and personal life in a harmful way. The particular stages of alcohol addiction, therefore, group alcoholics into different categories. There are 3 stages of alcohol dependency. These stages are:

The Early Stage – Social Drinking

This is actually a stage of alcohol dependency which is usually triggered by your inner urge to change your mood. Family issues and some other personal reasons get you to this stage without even knowing. This particular stage is usually a trap to many alcoholics because it makes them desirous of taking more drinks every time; they do so to get a specific mood. Your body at the same time adapts itself to increasingly more drinking while retaining its stability.

This particular stage of alcohol addiction is usually easy to quit because the people are not yet dependent and the particular number of alcoholic beverages drunk is pretty low. This stage takes a little or even longer time depending on an individual, but the truth is that drinking is perceived as the solution for relief. This turns into a routine for the alcoholics leading to the next stage.

Middle Stage – Maintenance Stage of Alcohol Addiction

This particular stage entails more intake of alcoholic beverages with greater regularity. During this period, the alcohol addict is unable to manage his / her drinking limits. Which means that they can drink at any time, any place and to any level without limitations. This particular stage is a risky one because the body actually starts to lose control of itself like in the first stage. This usually creates issues with friends and family which means that the alcoholics create problems very often as a result of a change of mindset. Besides the proven fact that problems may arise out of alcohol drinking, the addicted individuals still don’t get swayed on the particular reason as to why they ought to quit drinking.

Late Stage of Alcohol Addiction

This is actually considered as the most distressing stage of alcohol dependency to both friends and family. It’s also known as the deteriorating stage because consumption of alcohol starts to damage your body. The alcoholics are found drinking almost all the time! Psychological distress, becoming ill in many cases among other issues is clear with this particular stage of alcohol addiction. Very important bodily organs may get ruined leading to critical health conditions. Cardiac arrest, cirrhosis of the liver organ, liver disease among others are the critical health conditions that may result out of alcohol addiction at the last stage of alcoholism. This particular stage is for the addictive’s and the effects almost permanent!

While you start drinking, just consider this question, what are the stages of alcohol addiction? Because it will certainly make it possible for you to drink sensibly.