Over the past decades, there have been extensive efforts to make skincare products better. Today there are lotions and creams meant to tighten the skin, open the pores and even cure certain skin conditions like acne. And on the top of that list, we have day creams. Well, you may wonder why they are so important, and that is why we are here. So if you want to find out why they are highly recommended, read on.

  1. They cover your skin with a protective layer

A day cream is typically a lightweight cream that helps protect your skin against harsh weather conditions. The conditions that may affect the skin are the sun’s ultraviolet light and snow. The skin is naturally built to withstand such weather conditions, but when they surpass the normal and approach extremes, skin cells are damaged. And if the surface isn’t protected, one is susceptible to getting burnt, frost, or even worse skin cancer. Day creams make sure that your skin does not succumb to these heights by providing your skin an extra protective layer.

  1. Becomes a base for makeup

For people who apply makeup as their daily routine, day creams come with an added advantage for this cause. Day creams can also be used as a base before one gets to apply foundation on their skin. This primer protects the direct contact of the skin and the foundation which may contain substances that may harm the skin on long term use. By using this layer, whatever is used in making the makeup will not affect your skin in any way.

  1. Heals the skin

Our skins have a mechanism that allows it to rejuvenate itself over-time. Sometimes, however, the damage might be too much, such that it takes longer than usual to recover. And that way, the skin does not get enough time to repair itself. Day creams work wonders as they help fasten this process of healing. The dead skin is lost, and new, clearer, blemish-free skin emerges.

  1. Helps even the skin tone

The fact that the skin heals faster means that wounds and scars take a shorter time to heal. After you get an open wound from either a cut or bruise, you develop a hard protective cover known as scab. This hard layer helps keep away harmful pathogenic organisms entering the body. And after a while, the scab falls off, and your normal skin texture is regained. But most times, this scar leaves a darker-hued skin, which takes longer to match up the rest of the skin. Day creams help fasten this process of reacquiring your normal skin color, evening the skin tone.

  1. Keeps the skin looking young

Lastly, day creams play a significant role in keeping your skin looking young and fresh. The wrinkles are eradicated, smile lines are made to appear better, and your skin tone becomes fairer. These overall changes make you look younger and your skin smoother and healthier. Day creams are genuinely a gift that keeps on giving, so why not.