Are you taking your vitamins? While many people think that taking vitamins regularly is a waste of time, you can’t always be sure that you’re getting everything you need from your diet or daily routine.

Adding vitamins to your routine can help all kinds of things, from great skin and hair to an improvement to your immune system, which helps you to fight off colds and flu, and they may even help you to be stronger in the fight against particular viruses that are going around this season!

Are All Vitamins Equal?

It’s a sad fact that not all vitamins are created equal, and some people may be deficient in all kinds of vitamins and minerals in their system.

Getting a good multivitamin from a company like Noor is a great idea to boost your overall health, but if you’re serious about seeing real results, check out these four vitamins that are vital for keeping you in good health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D probably tops the scales for most people when it comes to upping their vitamin intake, but did you know it can be a really hard vitamin to get enough of naturally, especially if you live in a country like England where it rains a lot and warm sunshine is not as frequent!

A lack of vitamin D in the body can result in all kinds of problems, such as issues with bone and hair loss, as well as a generally weaker immune system. You can easily boost your vitamin D intake naturally by being outside all day, but if you are like the 43% of Americans now stuck indoors working from home, you’re probably not getting all of the vitamin D you need naturally.


We get magnesium mainly from a good and varied diet, and it’s an essential nutrient that can help with all kinds of bodily functions like regulating sleep, balancing blood sugar levels, regulating nerve and muscle function, and magnesium even assists in building strong bones!

Foods such as soy, nuts, pumpkin, and spinach are high in magnesium, but these are the foods that most Americans don’t have a great deal of in their diet, so it may be worth considering a supplement.


Everyone knows that calcium is important for building strong bones and teeth, but are you getting enough of it?

If you’re not a fan of fortified cereals, nuts, salty fish, or dairy products like milk and cheese, there’s a high chance you’re not getting enough calcium into your body and need a bit of a boost.


The funny thing about zinc is that it’s been noted that zinc levels drop in people who are very stressed, and let’s face it, most of us live with at least low-level stress on a day-to-day basis, with most of us registering high on the stress scale fairly regularly.

Another surprising factor is that many people who are following a strict vegan diet will often find it difficult to get enough zinc into their system because zinc is found in foods such as grass-fed beef, oysters, organ meats, and sardines.