Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or have recently made the switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes, you may have noticed that there are certain things to watch when using a vape pen.

One of those things is your e-cig coil. This is the part of your e-cig that vaporises the E liquid you insert by using heat. Considering that this is the essence for how e cigs work, it’s crucial to make sure that yours is well maintained.

In this guide, we’ve shared the signs that could indicate a replacement coil is needed, along with how often you should be changing it.

When should I change my e-cig coil?

To keep the functionality of your e-cigarette up to scratch, you should change the coil in your vaping pen every month, depending on how often you use it. You should also replace the coil whenever you change liquid flavours.

Signs that your coil needs changing

You should replace the coil whenever you change liquids as there are certain things that can happen if you leave it too long before finding a replacement.

If you spot one of the following signs, it could signal that you need to change the coil:

There’s a burnt taste

If you’ve stuck with the same e-cig liquid flavour for some time, you may notice a burnt taste begins to occur. If you haven’t changed the coil in a while, it begins to be overpowered and becomes discoloured. This can then make the liquid stored in the e cig tank, taste funny.

You may also spot that the vapour you’re inhaling tastes drier. This happens when the coil loses its ability to absorb liquid, showing that you should find a replacement as soon as possible.

You’re inhaling less vapour

Another sign that you may need to change your e-cig coil comes if you’re not withdrawing as much vapour from the pen as you were previously. This can be spotted by fewer vapour clouds appearing after you’ve exhaled.

The vape pen is leaking

If your vape penis leaking, this can be a major hint that a replacement e cig coil is needed. Leakage happens when the coil can’t heat the liquid at a fast-enough rate, meaning that it doesn’t get turned into vapour and liquid escapes.

The pen is making strange noises

Finally, you should keep an eye out for any strange noises that your vaping pen makes as you’re inhaling. Strange noises could be a result of the e-cig tank becoming flooded after a leak, so replace the coil to see if the noises stop.

As you can see, changing your e-cig coil regularly is essential and should be done whenever you spot one of these four signs. Once you’ve changed it, you should be using a completely efficient vaping pen!