People who purchase affordable digital hearing aids and want them to stay in good shape for a long duration should always try taking proper care of their hearing aids to obtain the best performance. Here we offer some handy tips& advice which will allow you to keep your digital hearing aids functional and in good working order for several years.

When to wear them?
You should wear your digital hearing aid whenever you are interacting with other people or doing things which require sound, like listening to music or watching television. However, to ensure that you get to listen to things like the sound of a ringing bell or someone calling you from a distance, we would advise you to wear it until the time comes to go to bed for the night’s sleep; but, make sure you don’t forget to remove them when going for a bath or before washing your face. Whenever the device is not in use, wrap it in a soft piece of cloth and keep it in its original box.

How to Clean the Device?
Every night before going to bed i.e. when you remove the hearing aid from your ear, clean the device meticulously to ensure that all the moisture and wax are removed from it. Accumulation of wax and moisture is the primary cause of defects in hearing aids; this makes daily cleaning an absolute necessity. The steps below will teach you how to clean digital hearing aids:

  • First arrange the items you will need to clean the device. You will need tissue paper, or a piece of dry and clean cloth, a cleaning brush (you should get the brush with the hearing aid) and some cotton swabs.
  • Begin the cleaning procedure by wiping the hearing aid’s surface and all its attachments with the tissue paper or the piece of cloth. Don’t soak the tissue paper or cloth in any solution as addictives present in the solution might leave the plastic damaged.
  • Check the parts of the hearing aid that come in direct contact with your ear’s inner cavity; remove the dried skin and wax from those parts as if not removed properly they may block the sound.
  • Using the cleaning brush to brush the speaker openings, ear-mould openings and domes. This will remove the accumulated dried skin and wax from those parts. When brushing avoid pushing the bristles of the cleaning brush into the device’s openings.
  • Now, check the hearing aid’s microphone inlets; brush it thoroughly if there’s any debris, dirt or wax.
  • Some digital hearing aids come with a tube; if the device you use has a tube, don’t forget to remove all the accumulated debris from it. To remove debris and wax from the tube, you will have to use the air canister’s nozzle; blow the dirt out of the tube by placing the nozzle inside the tube.
  • Finally, you will have to check the battery compartment. If the battery compartment has any greenish or brown residue, remove it using cotton swabs and replace the old battery with a new one.