Post-cataract surgery requires scheduled eye drops

Possibly one of the biggest issues I had during recovery from cataract surgery was keeping up with the eye drop schedule.

During recovery for the first eye, I got fairly behind in administering the drops, and most likely missed doses.

I tried using the timer and the alarm on my phone to remind myself. It was difficult to comply with the doctor’s orders this way.

DosecastAfter the second surgery this morning, I searched the PlayStore for an Android app better suited to the task at hand. The first one I tried didn’t allow for much customization in the schedule. The next app I installed was called Dosecast, and it fit the bill!

This app allowed me to create a custom reminder for each of the meds I was required to self-administer.

In just a few short steps for each of the prescriptions, I was able to set up a profile for each.  I entered the name and set the frequency. I chose an alert sound, and set the number of repetitions for each reminder. In my case, I asked to continue to be reminded until I administered the med.  Once I do that, the app advances the time for the next reminder, based on the frequency that was set. It even allows me to skip reminders while I’m sleeping, which is what I want to do.

This is a free app that also has a Pro Edition. You can find out more information by visiting the Montuno Software website.

I highly recommend this app.  It’s available for iPhone and Android devices.