Back injuries can be extremely serious, with many people going on sick leave for months or changing careers entirely as a direct result of their health problems. Once an injury of this type occurs it can be difficult to make a complete recovery, but thankfully there are ways to minimise your risk of your getting hurt, so take a look at these useful tips and hints.

  1. Never lift heavy objects

With everything from heavy lifting machinery to modern innovations such as Tente Castors which make the transportation of weighty good a piece of cake, there’s really no reason to put your back under strain. While reputable companies should have health and safety procedures in place to stop you from lifting heavy objects, always speak up if you feel you’re being asked to carry something which you consider to be unreasonable.

  1. Don’t take risks

If you’re busy at work, it can be tempting to lift something heavy without following the rules in the hope of completing a task quickly. This is extremely risky, however, and could cause you long-term back injuries, so always abide by the safety strategies implemented by your company and never rush jobs which might be dangerous. If you’re required to put a heavy box into the back of a lorry for delivery, for instance, don’t just throw it in unattended but instead wait until the right machinery is available to help you out.

  1. Lift safely

While you should never lift anything of considerable weight, you must also take great care when lifting lighter objects by hand as doing so without concentrating could easily put your back out. The basic principles of lifting require you to start in a stable position without twisting your body or leaning to one side. You should then bend your knees rather than your back and keep the object close to the space between your waist and shoulders as this will put less strain on your back muscles.

  1. Know your limits

Even if you attempt to lift something, don’t be embarrassed to put it down if it’s causing you too much pain. Knowing your limits will keep your back safe and stop you from hurting yourself unnecessarily. If you need help, then ask for it! There’s sure to be a colleague around who wouldn’t mind helping you out but if you find you’re struggling on a regular basis, always talk to your manager about procedures as perhaps they need to be adapted to make your working day more comfortable.

  1. Change position and move around

Heavy lifting is not the only way you can hurt your back. In fact, sitting in one position for more than 20 minutes can also cause pain, so if you work in an office or are stationary for a long period of time, try to walk around when possible or carry out some stretches at your desk. Chronic back injuries can be both draining and depressing, so prevention is definitely better than cure.

By following this useful advice you’ll be well on your way to minimising back injuries at work. The information provided is logical but often ignored, so put your health before any task and think carefully before lifting heavy objects.