Just for the record, it doesn’t really matter (to the virus) if we believe the virus is true, or real, or able to stay on door knobs and elevator buttons, or if it is easily transmitted from person to person. It doesn’t matter (to the virus) if we believe that staying home will slow the spread of this disease, because the disease needs a host, and a person who has it will spread it to a person who doesn’t have it. None of that really matters as much as the fact that first responders and emergency medical personnel are being stretched thin right now.

So if we choose not to believe any of this, and if we go ahead and mingle socially, or go shopping because we’re bored, or do anything more than we absolutely have to do, we risk being in a situation where we need first responders to help us, and maybe we need an emergency department to help us, and maybe we need an ICU to help us. And, if people continue to choose not to believe what the medical infectious disease professionals are telling us, there will come a time when people who don’t believe, as well as those who do, will get sick and will need help, and help might not be available.


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