Stress is inescapable, and the first step for handling stress is acceptance. It’s a normal part of life! We can keep dreaming of running away to Hawaii to live the stress-free island life—or we can learn to coexist with it, here and now. Here are four ways to help you overcome stress (and not let stress overcome you):

Perfect Your Morning Routine

Your morning sets your day up for success or stress. We learn how highly successful people wake up before dawn to work out, meditate, make their green smoothie, list goals for the day and write in their gratitude journal… As much as we’d all love to attack the day with these #morninggoals, it’s not realistic. But what is realistic is to create a morning routine that works for you—and then follow that template every morning. Sticking to your a.m. routine like clockwork prevents you from rushing out the door with a stressed mindset.

How can your current morning improve? Maybe it’s as basic as getting out of bed at the same exact time, rather than hitting snooze resulting in a late start. You could introduce a positive affirmation or prepare your lunch the night before. Experiment with routines to eventually develop a stress-proof one that’s optimal for you.

Beat Daily Mental Fatigue

Energy is our most valued resource, and despite our best defenses like good sleep and exercise, mental fatigue still strikes. During the fight against a groggy brain and heavy eyelids, productivity and focus suffer. Then stress levels increase, as energy levels decrease. If you’re used to guzzling cups of coffee throughout the day, consider natural energy boosters like Vitamin B, Vitamin C and magnesium to restore your energy. EverlyWell shares how scientific research shows that deficiencies in B9 and B12 affect cognitive decline and a B6 deficiency is linked to lower levels of alertness. These supplements can help aid in combating the cycle of tiredness and stress that prevents you from achieving your daily goals.

Achieve Financial Stability

All types of stress impact our lives, but finances dominate as the number one source of stress, according to Northwest Mutual’s Planning & Progress Study 2018. The survey found that money (44%) is more stressful than personal relationships (25%) and work (18%), resulting in high levels of anxiety and depression. One solution for financial stress is to bring in additional sources of income: drive for Lyft or Uber, set up an Etsy shop, freelance creative services like writing or photography, sell unwanted items online or start your own business. For example, the direct selling organization Amway offers the entrepreneurial opportunity to become an independent business owner. If you’re wondering, “what is Amway’s business?”, see how you can become your own boss of a legitimate side business earning extra money.

Cope with Acute Moments of Stress

Reflect on how you manage and respond to moments of high stress. Do you run to the office vending machine? Do you text a paragraph of rage to a loved one? Responding to a stressful event with a bag of chips or enraged text can feel like instant relief—but ultimately these knee-jerk reactions negatively impact your health and relationships. Here are healthy coping mechanisms for when you feel out-of-control:

  • Pause, breathe, step away and acknowledge your emotions
  • Look at your situation from an outsider’s perspective: If your friend was dealing with this stressor, what advice would you give them?
  • Start writing—anything; it could be a to-do list, pep talk, breakdown of the problem or positive thoughts
  • Find a sense a calm and then seek out support from someone trustworthy
  • Listen to a soothing song
  • Meditate on a happy memory

The harsh truth is that you can’t escape from stress, but it’s possible to healthily coexist. Follow the same morning routine, take energy-boosting vitamins, diversify your income and adopt healthy response techniques. With these stress management solutions, you can build a better relationship with the stress you experience in your life.