16 Feb 2018


California, the “Golden State,” is a land of golden opportunities, sunshine, beaches and fun—sometimes the wrong kinds of fun. The state has a reputation for out-of-the-box thinking, which can lead to world-changing innovation but also to health
9 Feb 2018

Tips for Creating a Senior-Friendly Home

As people age their health can sometimes decline, resulting in the inability to stay at home on their own. Often needing extra attention and care, seniors are encouraged to move in with family for support. Since they
1 Feb 2018

7 Things Your Dental Professional Will Not Tell You (But We Will!)

Do you think that your dental practice would tell you when you fix a scheduled appointment? Well, it is common knowledge that a dental professional tells us about solutions to maintain dental hygiene, and take good care
1 Feb 2018

What Does an Orthodontist Do?

The direction of becoming an orthodontist is difficult. You need to complete a 2-3 year specialized training course after you’ve obtained the doctor of dental care degree. Orthodontics is part of the field of dentistry which relates
1 Feb 2018

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether you go for an interview or to meet a friend, the first thing that affects people’s perception about an individual is his or her appearance. We might not like the idea of being judged based on
1 Feb 2018

5 Tips To Improve Dental Health

Dental health is as important as physical health since it reflects our overall personality. Crooked or yellowish teeth can pass a bad impression on someone you’re talking to. You would obviously not want that to happen. Plus,