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If you are considering having weight loss surgery, it’s important to understand that it’s not a magic solution for losing weight.  Yes, it is an excellent option for those with lots of weight to lose, but it’s important to know that it shouldn’t be a first option. Weight loss surgery is exactly that – surgery. That means there are certain inherent risks involved. Before you decide to undergo weight loss surgery Canada residents, you should ask the right questions. Below is an example of the types of questions you should ask before undergoing weight loss surgery.

Am I a candidate for weight-loss surgery

If you have a BMI more than 35 and/or obesity-related conditions, you could be a good candidate for weight-loss surgery.

Is weight-loss surgery invasive?

Not necessarily. In many cases the procedure can be done laparoscopically, which means less pain, shorter recovery time, a small scar, etc. However, even with laparoscopic surgery, there are some risks.

What are the risks involved?

Always ask your surgeon about the particular risks involved in the type of surgery you are considering having. It’s important to go into the procedure with a full understanding of both the benefits of the procedure and the risk.

Will I lose weight quickly? Will I keep it off?

Yes, you’ll lose weight quickly for up to two years following the procedure. As long as you follow the dietary restrictions laid out by the doctor following the surgery, you will keep it off.

Are there circumstances under which I might not be eligible for surgery?

You will have to undergo a heart and lung evaluation prior to the surgery, to determine whether you are at too high a risk for the surgery. If that is deemed to be the case, you will be asked to lose some weight before the surgery, to reduce the risk.

What lifestyle changes will I have to make?

Following bariatric surgery, you are going to have to make some serious lifestyle changes. You’ll have to carefully follow the doctor’s orders regarding what you can and cannot eat. In addition, you will probably have to take nutritional supplements. Immediately following the surgery and for up to two weeks afterwards, you will probably be required to have a liquid diet and then gradually work your way up to solid food over the course of a couple of months.

Will I still be able to get pregnant?

Although fertility is not affected by the procedure, it is recommended that you don’t get pregnant for at least a year after the procedure.

Will I have lots of extra skin after the procedure?

Because of the rapid and significant nature of the weight loss most people experience, it’s quite common to experience loose skin and/or stretch marks. Many people undergo additional surgeries to tighten up the skin after they have reached their ideal body weight.


Dental emergencies are no fun at all. They hurt, they can affect your quality of life, and they can pose serious risks to your health. It’s important to not dismiss these emergencies and to seek immediate treatment. But do you know what constitutes a dental emergency?

Most often, your body will let you know when a dental problem is serious. However, if you experience any of the following symptoms, you should seek emergency dental care service:

Pain upon chewing or when eating very hot or cold foods

Facial swelling

Jaw pain or toothache

Mouth bleeding

Signs of infection such as purulent discharge (pus)

Trouble breathing

Broken or knocked-out tooth

If you do notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to seek emergency dental care. Many times, such as in the case of a tooth that is knocked out or knocked loose as a result of a trauma, the tooth can be successful re-attached or re-implanted if intervention is quick enough. In the case of an infection, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as you notice troublesome symptoms. Infection can spread very quickly, and once it gets into the blood stream (which doesn’t take much time in some cases) the situation can become life threatening very quickly. If caught in the early stages, most oral infections can be very effectively treated with a simple course of antibiotics.

If you have a dental emergency, don’t wait until you can get an appointment with your dentist. You wouldn’t wait to see your general practitioner if you had a broken arm, right? The same mentality should be applied to your family’s dental health. Although some things can wait until a regular appointment can be made (just like in the case of other medical conditions. Some times you can wait, other times you need to be seen right away.)

If your dentist doesn’t offer emergency dental services (some don’t) it’s a good idea to know this ahead of time. When you choose a new dentist, you should aim to find one that does offer emergency services, but if you already have a dentist you like or can’t find one in your area that is accepting new patients and offers emergency services, you should familiarize yourself with a clinic or office in your area that does offer emergency dental services such as prescriptions, emergency dental surgery, infection control, x-rays and more things that you or someone in your family might need on an emergent basis. Don’t wait until you have an actual emergency on your hands to start trolling Google for an after-hours dental clinic in your area so that should, heaven forbid, a dental emergency should arise, you will know exactly where to go and can spring into action quickly when times I of the essence.

Gone are the days when nights were meant for sleeping; now it’s your dedicated day slot to binge watch some TV, or to lose yourself in social media activity. A very common problem among people, sleep disorders such as snoring, are a result of the ever increasing work pressure and stress levels and have drastically affected our lifestyle. Waking up with a jerk or a shudder in the middle of the night because of your partner’s snores is not a very pleasant experience. One of the easiest ways to reduce snoring, for your partner or for yourself, is by opening up the nasal passage to ensure proper circulation of oxygen. Discussed below are some easy and effective solutions to cure snoring permanently. Check them out:

Anti-snoring mouth pieces

Very affordable and comfortable, anti-snoring mouth pieces can work wonders for your snoring problem. The two types of mouth pieces – namely tongue stabilizing devices (TSD) and mandibular advancement devices (MAD) – are both equally effective. By moving your tongue out of the way, TSDs prevent the sagging and choking of the tongue muscles. The MAD mouth guard focuses on the jaw.  These anti mouth piece devices are very safe and help stop snoring almost instantaneously and permanently.

Nasal dilators and strips

A nasal strip or an external nasal dilator expands the air passage by clearing your nose from the impurities that block the way. These strips are to be worn like bandages across the bridge of the nose. It consists of little plastic protruding to enhance your breathing tenfold; it proves pretty useful during asthma attacks and choking. Also it is not necessary that you use these strips only when sleep; they can be used even when you’re awake.

Chin straps

A very effective and convenient device to cure snoring is chin straps. It consists of a cup made from soft fabric such as Styrofoam that supports the chin, which is held in place by straps on either side that go up your face and around your head. It prevents sagging of the jaw muscles that close down on your throat and reduce the air supply. Firmly holding your jaw, the chin straps hold your face in a comfortable position suitable for sleeping.


A peaceful and soothing environment is an important aspect that determines the quality of sleep you get every night. No more freezing on the bed, these humidifiers can regulate the temperature easily providing you the perfect atmosphere for getting proper rest. Used to humidify a room or in some cases an entire building, these revolutionary devices connect to your home’s central heat regulating system and adjust accordingly. Ideally used in cold weather, these humidifiers are a blessing for dry places with low humidity.

Nasal sprays

A blocked nose and sore throat is one of the most common reasons for snoring, when your body has no other alternative than to inhale via mouth. You get both natural and artificial nasal sprays in the market for different allergies. A much better alternative than sleeping pills, nasal sprays offer almost instant relief and are easy to use as well. You just need to push it inside the nostril and it sprays a medicated liquid to open up the nasal passage.

The bottom line:

It is not “just snoring”; it is the cause of dozens of serious heath related issues such as strokes and heart attacks. Visit a doctor as soon as possible to cure your loud snores that cause much discomfort and embarrassment for both you and your spouse. The above mentioned snoring solutions are practical and take affect almost immediately so that you get a sound sleep at night. Try them out!


Post-cataract surgery requires scheduled eye drops

Possibly one of the biggest issues I had during recovery from cataract surgery was keeping up with the eye drop schedule.

During recovery for the first eye, I got fairly behind in administering the drops, and most likely missed doses.

I tried using the timer and the alarm on my phone to remind myself. It was difficult to comply with the doctor’s orders this way.

DosecastAfter the second surgery this morning, I searched the PlayStore for an Android app better suited to the task at hand. The first one I tried didn’t allow for much customization in the schedule. The next app I installed was called Dosecast, and it fit the bill!

This app allowed me to create a custom reminder for each of the meds I was required to self-administer.

In just a few short steps for each of the prescriptions, I was able to set up a profile for each.  I entered the name and set the frequency. I chose an alert sound, and set the number of repetitions for each reminder. In my case, I asked to continue to be reminded until I administered the med.  Once I do that, the app advances the time for the next reminder, based on the frequency that was set. It even allows me to skip reminders while I’m sleeping, which is what I want to do.

This is a free app that also has a Pro Edition. You can find out more information by visiting the Montuno Software website.

I highly recommend this app.  It’s available for iPhone and Android devices.