Whether your pregnancy was planned or a joyous surprise, first time moms can often become very anxious the moment they receive a positive pregnancy test. While you’re overwhelmed with the joy of bringing new life into the world, it can just as easily be scary when you have no idea of what to expect. Every mom wants to do what is best for her to sustain a full term pregnancy and birth a healthy child. However, many are very confused as to where to start, what to do, and what should be avoided. First and foremost, you shouldn’t feel singled out as it happens to all parents, but the good news is, there is a lot of reliable information out there to assist you.

Below are a few tidbits of health advice for newly expectant mothers. While this advice is beneficial to review, it does not in any way shape or form replace the medical advice you might be provided by your doctor. As such, for more specific or in depth advice on how to maintain good health for you and your growing baby, it is always best to consult with a doctor.

Dealing with the Morning Sickness

While not all expectant mothers will experience this, morning sickness is one of the most commonly complained about symptoms during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Some symptoms you might experience include nausea, vomiting, and an upset stomach. While the name would suggest that these symptoms will only arise in the mornings, it can happen at any time. Since there are few medications that pregnant women are allowed to take, most doctors will recommend that you try natural remedies to ease your symptoms. Web MD points out some very good suggestions that would include:

  • Eating something small such as crackers or a piece of toast before getting your day started. This should help to lessen the affects of nausea.
  • Eat in smaller portions throughout the day to prevent becoming too full
  • Ginger tea can often be a great solution for soothing an upset stomach
  • Taking prenatal vitamins later in the day (if they upset your stomach in the morning)
  • Avoid foods that are difficult to digest
  • Keep a slice of lemon on hand as many women find smelling lemon calms nausea.

If the symptoms get really severe, such as excessive vomiting or the inability to keep any nutrients down then you’ll want to reach out to your doctor for further advice on how to handle your morning sickness.

Eating a Well Balanced Diet

In order for your baby to develop properly in the womb, it is important that you eat a well balanced diet that is complete with fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean meats. According to the American Pregnancy Association, a pregnant woman’s diet should consist of the following:

  • 2-4 servings of fruits
  • 4 servings of veggies
  • 6-11 servings of whole grain
  • 3 servings of protein
  • 4 servings of dairy

While these serving suggestions are ideal, it is important to talk with your doctor. This is especially true for expectant mothers who have medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. You’ll want to ensure that you’re consuming a diet that will not harm you or the baby.

Medication During Pregnancy

It is extremely important that you run all medications by your doctor before consuming them while pregnant. If you’re not careful, something as simplistic as a pain pill could cause harm to the fetus. Most doctors will try other solutions before agreeing to prescribe or recommend medications. However, if you’re currently taking medication for an existing medical condition, do not stop taking them until you’ve talked it over with your doctor. They will provide you with specific information as to which medications might be harmful and which are safe during pregnancy.

Finding Comfort

One of the things that most expectant mothers have in common is the discomfort they experience during their pregnancy. As their body shifts, grows, and adjusts to make room for the growing child, it can often leave the mother feeling less than comfortable. From being able to get a good night’s rest, to even having difficultly fitting in certain clothes, there’s always some challenge you’ll have to face. One great solution might be to receive a pregnancy massage from a specialist. Massages are a great way to relieve stress and get the blood circulating through your body. It can relieve any tension or inflammation you’re currently experience, and make pregnancy just a tad bit easier to get through.

While there isn’t much that a doctor can do to help with comfort, there are plenty of products on the market that can help give you the support and comfort you need. Some examples might include:

  • Support belts or shapers – these wrap around your belly and give you more support in the belly area.
  • Bobby Pillows – these C shaped pillows are great for mom’s looking to get a good night sleep. They can easily be placed between the legs, around the neck, or under the belly for extra cushion.
  • Compression hose – These panty hose are designed for pregnancy. Compression hose and support sockshelp to evenly distribute the pressure pregnant moms generally feel around their legs, thighs, and ankles.

There are a lot of products out there that you can invest in to help ease some of the growing pains you’ll feel during pregnancy. If you’re not sure about a particular product, it is always best to talk with your doctor before trying it out. There’s no such thing as a “dumb” question, and it’s always best to be safe than sorry.

Exercise or Physical Activity During Pregnancy

If you’re an expectant mother who loves to stay in shape, then you’re probably wondering if it’s safe for you to continue exercising or engaging in certain physical activities. While this advice will vary by individual, in most instances, physical activity is safe to continue. Activities such as walking, jogging, and yoga should be alright. As long as these activities don’t involve the any risks of trauma to the belly area, you should be fine. There are some fitness facilities that offer classes specifically for those who are expecting. Be sure that these classes are taught by a trained specialist through a reputable facility before participating.

While these are probably only a small fraction of the concerns you’ll have during your first pregnancy, this is enough to get you started. Remember, it is always best to run things by your doctor before trying them out to make sure that you’re not doing any harm to you and the baby. By maintaining your doctor’s appointments, eating a well balanced diet, and finding alternative ways to deal with the aches, pain, and discomfort you might experience, you should be well on your way to delivering a healthy bundle of joy.


If you suffer from  cancer or another chronic, debilitating illness, you’re probably familiar with all of the ins and outs of traditional treatments. From tests and appointments to invasive treatment methods like surgery and chemotherapy, addressing a serious illness can involve a number of different approaches and techniques. However, while many people are familiar with traditional treatments for cancer and other illnesses, the benefits of alternative therapies aren’t as widely understood. Keep reading for more on alternative and complimentary treatments for cancer and other serious illnesses, including information on techniques, advantages and more.


For individuals who suffer from chronic illness, massage can be a powerful tool that promotes better health and enhanced quality of life. For example, through the manipulation of the skin, muscles, and tissues, massage can bring about feelings of calm and relaxation. It can also help address symptoms like pain, fatigue and nausea. Especially useful in battling the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatment methods, massage has also been shown to help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as promote deeper, healthier sleep.

There are several different types of massage, each with its own techniques, effects and advantages. However, no matter the type, massage is generally considered safe for individuals with cancer, and is growing in popularity as part of comprehensive cancer treatment. What’s more, due to its rising popularity, massage is available in most cities and towns. For example, in cities like Miami, mobile massage companies will travel to clients, and perform massage services in the client’s home or office.

If you think you could benefit from the healing effects of massage, talk to your doctor to find out which type and technique is right for you.

Chiropractic Medicine              

Chiropractic care focuses on the health of the musculoskeletal system. For patients with cancer, the side effects of treatment, as well as the symptoms of disease, can result in joint pain, muscle tension, problems with mobility, and general aches and pains. For these patients, chiropractic medicine can provide the following advantages:

  • Relief from headaches and nausea.
  • Feelings of calm and well-being.
  • Reduced joint and muscle pain.
  • Relief from stress and tension.
  • Relief from neuropathy and nerve pain.
  • Enhanced energy.
  • Better quality of sleep.
  • Enhanced mobility and increased range of motion.

While chiropractic care can offer relief from pain and other uncomfortable symptoms, it’s not for everyone. For example, for patients with bone cancer, or those with low platelet counts, chiropractic medicine should be avoided. Talk to your doctor to see if this type of complimentary care is right for you.


Acupuncture can be used to treat various symptoms of cancer, and can also be used to relieve some of the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and other aggressive treatment methods. A technique involving the use of needles, which are inserted into the muscles and tissues, acupuncture was developed in ancient China, and is now widely used in the Western world to treat numerous ailments. For example, for patients who have cancer, especially those undergoing surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, acupuncture can offer benefits like the following:

  • Pain relief.
  • Reduced swelling and bruising.
  • Quicker healing, post-surgery .
  • Relief from stress and tension.
  • Relief from nausea and vomiting.
  • Improved energy.
  • Enhanced immunity.
  • Relief from constipation, and enhanced digestive health.

Acupuncture is considered a safe complimentary therapy in addressing the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of treatment. However, this form of therapy should only be administered by a licensed professional in a clean, sterile environment.

Treating cancer and other serious illnesses can involve a number of therapies and techniques. And while traditional methods have proven effective, the complimentary therapies listed here can be used as part of comprehensive, integrative care, designed to enhance overall health and quality of life. Talk to your doctor to see which treatment route is right for you.

Most people have some type of skin issue, be it something minor like moles and freckles, or something major like severe acne or eczema. It makes sense because our skin is our first line of defense against the elements, UV radiation, dirt, bacteria and other external threats. Clothing, sunscreen, and moisturizers offer some measure of protection, but our skin still takes quite a beating on a regular basis. Over time, the wear and tear on skin can cause it to wrinkle and sag; it can also cause areas of hyperpigmentation, or age spots.

Skin tags are, perhaps, one of the more annoying consequences of wear and tear on the skin.

What are Skin Tags?

The technical name for skin tags is acrochordons, and approximately 46 percent of people have them. They are tiny outgrowths of skin that appear in and around areas where the skin folds or rubs together, such as the eyelids, the neck, beneath the breasts, and at the armpits. Overweight people, and people who have experienced sudden weight loss with sagging skin, can also get them in areas where rolls of fat or layers of sagging skin meet.

They can occur in people of all ages and genders, but they are most common in people over age 60.

Skin tags are usually very small. They may not even be noticeable from a distance, but you can usually feel them as tiny bumps on the surface of your skin. If you have a lot of them in close proximity, they can give your skin a sandpapery texture.

Some skin tags can grow larger, and be visible to others. Jewelry and certain clothing can often irritate the larger tags.

Although tags can be annoying, they are usually harmless.

What Causes Skin Tags?

The prevailing theory is that skin tags are caused by skin rubbing against skin, but that genetics, hormone levels, insulin resistance, and even the human papilloma virus can all be factors. Age is another factor and 59 percent of people over age 70 have them.

There is also a theory that illegal steroids can cause skin tags in some people because they cause skin fibers to bond together, forming small outgrowths.

How to Remove Them

Because skin tags are almost always benign, the only reason to remove them would be for cosmetic purposes, or because they are located in an area that’s easily irritated by clothing or jewelry.

Skin tags are fairly easy to remove and one common removal method is to tie a string around the tag to cut off its blood supply until it falls off naturally. In areas where you have multiple tags, or the tags are too small to tie off, you can use a skin tag remover.

If do-it-yourself (DIY) is not your thing, there are also professional cosmetic options such as laser surgery, freezing with liquid nitrogen, cauterization, and removal by surgical scalpel. These methods are especially effective on large skin tags, and are faster than the DIY methods, but they can also be much more expensive.

Attempting to cut the tags yourself is not recommended because it can lead to bleeding, scarring, and infection.

Once a skin tag is removed it will not grow back, but it is possible to form new tags in other areas.

Preventing Skin Tags

One way to reduce your risk of developing skin tags is to avoid chafing your skin. Wearing loose, non-irritating clothing and losing weight to reduce the number of skin folds you have can help. However, rapid weight loss can actually make skin folds worse and increase your risk of skin tags. Applying products that reduce the friction between skin folds, such as body powders, can also help reduce your risk.

While reducing chafing can reduce some of your risk, it does not address the other factors that can cause skin tags – especially heredity. If your close relatives have skin tags, then you are more likely to develop them yourself and your best bet is to be aware of your risk and take steps to treat them as they arise.

If your skin tags are the result of insulin resistance or a hormonal imbalance, correcting the underlying issue could prevent you from developing more skin tags.

If you already have skin tags, the methods for reducing chafing can help prevent them from getting larger.

Consult your doctor if you are concerned about your skin tags, or if you believe they could be a sign of insulin resistance or a hormonal problem.

Generally speaking, there are healthy alternatives to a lot of medications. These alternatives allow people to be treated without potentially harmful medicines being pumped into their bodies. Many of these medications are used on a daily basis and come with a slew of adverse side effects. However, there are certain conditions that require additional treatments in order to effectively manage the problem. Surprisingly, some of these can be remedied with the help of a trained plastic surgeon.

The idea that plastic surgeons strictly handle cosmetic procedures is a common misconception. However, plastic surgeons often handle intense and localized procedures due to their attention to detail and required skill. Many surgical procedures you may already be familiar with are performed by plastic surgeons.


When you hear rhinoplasty you probably think of someone making their nose small or less bulbous. Some people undergo rhinoplasty for far less superficial reasons. Sometimes, an injury or a birth defect can create a deviated septum, preventing the individual from breathing correctly. The air path becomes obstructed and create a host of other problems with the condition. The only way to correct this condition is through surgery.
Keep It Green: Eating healthy is the best way to help your body heal. Eat plenty of nutrient-dense veggies and fruits and drink plenty of water.


Abdominoplasty isn’t all about getting a flat belly without appropriate exercise. In fact, exercise could actually lead a person to require the surgery. If you develop a hernia, you could see yourself in the trusty hands of Dr Jason Hess Plastic Surgeon for a hernia repair. Plastic surgeons are able to repair even the tiniest of torn muscles so that you can be back up and moving.
Keep It Green: Juicing can infuse your body with a mega dose of vitamins and minerals so those muscles can heal.

Breast Reduction

Breast reductions are often performed because the weight of large breasts can cause severe pain. Most often this pain is located in the back, shoulders, and neck.This pain can affect the ability to perform routine activities and can put a hamper on healthy activities like exercise.
Keep It Green: Once the surgery area has healed, use coconut oil to moisturize and reduce scarring.

Botox Injections

Botox isn’t solely used to help older people look younger. In extreme cases of hyperhidrosis, urinary incontinence, and migraines, Botox injections have been successfully utilized to stop or improve the condition. Botox works by numbing the nerves and muscles in the area so that they can relax.
Keep It Green: Use essential oils between Botox treatments to reduce painful migraines.


Also known as eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty, is sometimes performed to prevent impaired vision. In some individuals, upper eyelid tissue sags so excessively that the tissue impairs vision. This problem can be caused by heredity or the natural aging process. Dr Jason Hess Plastic Surgeon removes lose skin so that his patients are able to retain full function of their vision.
Keep It Green: If swelling persists after the wound heals, use cucumbers to reduce the swelling.

Plastic surgeons can get a bed reputation as cosmetic surgeons and are often overlooked for their advanced abilities. However, if you find yourself in the need of their skills, you can still help your body heal from the surgery. Internal and external health is important to keep your body healthy and happy.