26 Jan 2019

Are You Addicted to Prescription Stimulants?

According to data compiled by drugabuse.gov, nearly 4 percent of all Americans are abusing medications that have been prescribed to them, especially opioids and stimulants. In most cases, these medications were prescribed to treat an underlying health
12 Nov 2018

5 Benefits Of The Barre Workout

The barre fitness workout is fast becoming the workout of choice for many people looking to get in shape. It combines elements of dance (specifically ballet) yoga, pilates, static stretches, and high reps of short-range movements. In
10 Oct 2018

Read DNA kits Reviews Online to Learn about Regular Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is all about your genes and DNA. They are the used for the identification of health risk of a human being that is genetically inherited from father and mother. This testing is done regular basis,
4 Oct 2018

My child is snoring

Even kids snore. If you are a parent, you must have heard your child snoring after an active day. You would ascribe this to fatigue, but be careful. If your child snores too often, this can turn
4 Oct 2018

Surprising Facts On What Your Blood Type Says about Your Health

Blood. It has so many references, so many symbolisms. If there’s one thing that’s common among all people, regardless of culture, socioeconomic status, and every possible point of difference that you can think of, it’s the fact
4 Oct 2018

Where can you get a hair transplant in Phuket, Thailand?

Genetic hair loss (male pattern baldness) accounts for over 95% of hair loss in men, and it is estimated each year that men spend over $2 billion on hair loss products. Since time immemorial weird and wonderful