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As a New Year dawns, it is customary for people to set resolutions for personal growth. Perhaps one of the most popular pertains to improving one’s level of overall fitness. In an effort to help people start their year off on a positive note, there are some fun ways in which to start your workout in 2016.

Do it Yourself Boot Camp

Don’t let the name scare you away. Boot camps are actually a lot of fun and you can tailor the workout to your preferences and needs. Trade off hosting at home boot camps with your friends to add a social element.

Make your Chores a Workout

Chores are a necessary evil so why not combine them with your exercise routine. Select chores that require a lot of effort to maximize calorie burn. You may want to consider doing a few minutes of one chore and rotate to another. Changing up the activities can keep you interested. Add some fun music and the time will fly by!


While being fun, dancing is also a great workout. Another plus is the wide range of dancing you can enjoy. Partners aren’t always a must and can be even done at home using online tools or DVDs


Mental Fitness & Gaming

The wii provides users with fun-filled physical activities to help them with their fitness goals. Along with a fit body comes a sound mind. Mobile gaming can help improve one’s coordination and sharpen the mind. Card games such as blackjack which can be found at mobilecasinocanada can also provide a way of testing your numerical and memory skills.

Ultimate Frisbee

Frisbee has evolved from a pastime into a sport with Ultimate Frisbee pickup games being organized in different areas. The rules are similar to rugby and use a Frisbee not a ball.

Keeping your fitness resolutions can be easier if you vary your workout routine. As you seek to improve upon your overall fitness in 2016, try a few of these fun ideas!


vaporizer penThere are countless benefits of using a vaporizer for your medical marijuana. One of the main benefits is that you are able to heat dry herbs at 350-375 degrees Fahrenheit therefore removing all the toxins that you would be inhaling from smoke. Vapor is released containing everything you are looking for in the plant without the downside effect of damaging your lungs. Here are the types of vaporizers on the market.

The Dry Herb Vaporizer is the most popular vape on the market due to the amount of styles available. Originally it started with the desktop vaporizers where you would plug them into the wall and have full controls on how hot you want your herb to get. Nowadays, it is all about having the coolest portable vaporizer you can afford. The price range is pretty incredible, they can range from $40 up to $500 so you see how difficult it can get choosing the right one. Keep in mind, in this industry, you get what you pay for. Since this technology is fairly new, make sure to research the warranty of the brand you choose. You may need to take advantage of it within six months to a year.

There has been a long last fad released called the Vaporizer Pen which is a vaporizer in the shape of a pen but most importantly, it can be mistaken as an electronic cigarette. Many make the mistake of confusing this device as a true vaporizer due to the lack of public knowledge of the difference between a conduction vaporizer and convection vaporizer. A conduction vaporizer has an open coil that gives a reaction similar to a skillet. This result is combustion therefore releasing toxic smoke the same way as a joint would. When a doctor recommends using a vaporizer for medical marijuana, they are speaking about a convection vaporizer. This would be a heating chamber that will provide you with optional temperature to make sure the herb does not combust. Once of the few real vaporizer pens on the market is the Atmos Boss Vaporizer. The rest are all lower priced conduction vapes.

In conclusion, if you are a medically prescribed Cannabis, we would suggest into looking for a convection vaporizer. If you are a recreational smoker and would just like to quickly smoke on the go, a vaporizer pen can work for you. Some people prefer combustion therefore only interested in the conduction vaporizing devices.

Fed up already with New Year’s resolutions? Conveniently lost the gym pass you got for Christmas? Try one of these subtle methods to help yourself live more healthily through 2016 and beyond. They’re simple to take up and hopefully won’t make your fitness goals feel monotonous and out of reach. They’re definitely not resolutions, we promise.

1 Get rid of stuff – including unwanted habits

Start with that half pack of cigarettes you keep in your going-out jacket jacket. Swap it for a refillable e-cigarette and a vaping blend such as Phoenix e-liquid or similar. Not only will you save money through the year, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your lung capacity and your ability to exercise.

Then move onto any cluttered areas in your home. Start off small, with a single drawer or even just your wallet or handbag. Get rid of old receipts, tickets and post-its. If you focus on one such area each week, you’ll find your happiness blooms as your random tat disappears.

2 Find a healthy hang-out

It could be a farmer’s market, a community farm or even your local allotment. Anywhere you might find a group of people with a common, healthy interest, combined with locally grown produce. You’ll find the enthusiasm for growing and enjoying fruit and vegetables rubs off on you, and as well as eating better, you might even derive pleasure from growing your own.

3 Try something new

Fancy trampolining your way to fitness? How about a London-based gym pass that lets you take part in more than 80 fitness classes across the city? Healthy Magazine has a round-up of what might just become the most interesting fitness trends for the coming year. So if a change of regime might inspire you to attach those calories with renewed vigour, check it out.

If you’d rather something a little more sedate, why not look for something new where you live? Become a tourist in your own city or county and go to those museums you never get round to visiting. Sign up to a new craft or language course. Or maybe rediscover a hobby you used to love.

4 Spend more time outside each day

No matter how full your to-do list is every day, this is something you can do, even if it’s just for an extra ten minutes. Pop out of the office at lunch for a stroll and maybe take a book along to read on a park bench. Drink your morning coffee outside. Take ten minutes to sit before your day begins and make a list for the day ahead, or, even better, sit outside once your day is done and tick off everything you got done – even if that includes things like the washing up.

5 Eat fresh fruit and veg with every meal

As CNN suggests, include a single helping of fruit or vegetables with every snack and two with each main meal and you’ll lower risk of heart disease, strokes and some types of cancer. Plus, it’ll taste even better if you’ve grown it yourself (see point 1).

The start of each new year brings with it the usual pledges and promises to make major changes to our lives. To stop drinking alcohol, perhaps, or start going to the gym. But the truth is, you can make a really positive impact on your health and happiness without resorting to anything drastic – or even expensive. You could cut down on your smoking using electronic cigarettes and e-liquid manufactured by EL Science, or even try something you may not have thought of.

Here are five interesting ways to take better care of yourself for the coming year, without going anywhere near a doctor or personal trainer.

1 Regular sauna sessions

Well known to provide a number of health benefits, a good steam in a sauna can stave off colds and viruses, not to mention help your skin by unblocking pores and gently hydrating it. Combine it with a cold shower and your immune system could be boosted and your stress hormones reduced – after the initial jolt to the system, of course. A session in a particularly hot sauna is also a good way to build discipline (but take care not to overdo it).

2 Yogic breathing techniques

Core to the practice of yoga is a sound breathing technique that helps your blood carry more oxygen around the body. Called Pranayama, it may sound mystical, but it has been shown to improve your lungs’ ability to filter oxygen into the blood. Pranayama means breathing in a controlled manner so that a sense of serenity and calm is achieved. It shouldn’t be confined to the yoga studio either: it’s a good way to battle nerves or stress before a challenging situation.

3 Sungazing

Slightly controversial, in that sungazing’s main proponent claims to have lived almost solely on the sun’s nourishment, but the concept is nevertheless interesting. The man in question, Hira Ratan Manek, has been studied by scientists, and whether or not it is a viable method of health improvement, who can deny the warm glow a few minutes in the sun provides?

4 Oil pulling

This might seem a little off-putting to some, but oil-pulling is the Indian folk remedy of rinsing your mouth with a natural oil such as sunflower or coconut to ward off infections. Although it hasn’t been proven to provide much in the way of major health benefits, many practitioners do note that plaque and other oral issues are reduced with a daily, five to ten-minute swish.

5 Make time for your interests

It’s already been shown that listening to your favourite music for at least 15 minutes each day can do more than improve your mood, so it should be no surprise that indulging other passions just as regularly can also have positive effects. Engaging the mind in pleasurable or stimulating tasks, such as painting, writing or hikes in beautiful countryside, is a sure way to reduce stress levels and increase happiness. Being able to switch off from life’s more mundane routines is a sorely underrated way of becoming a more relaxed person.