20 Sep 2017

How to Treat Five Common Child Sleeping Habits

Sleeping is important for everyone, but for children it’s crucial, due to the impact it can have on both their physical and mental development if they don’t get enough. However, some children develop small but sometimes serious
18 Sep 2017

How To Treat Sleep Apnea related Daytime Sleepiness Safely

Sleep apnea is a very common, but dangerous sleep disorder that affects children and adults alike. There are many safe treatments designed specifically for sleep apnea, including lifestyle changes, surgery, pressurized air machines and devices that position
10 Sep 2017

4 Health Brands With Strong Social Media Following

As health-lovers, finding brands that we can trust to help us be fit and healthy can be difficult. Sometimes brands are exposed for false assertions, or are just a passing fad that we would have been better
10 Sep 2017

4 Tips to Keep Your Entire Family Healthy While You Travel

Traveling with the whole family evokes both excitement and stress. But you may not be thinking about how to actually keep your family healthy while traveling. In fact, leisure sickness is a real thing. The idea is
6 Sep 2017

How to Know When Your Ecig Coil Needs Replacing

Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or have recently made the switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes, you may have noticed that there are certain things to watch when using a vape pen. One of those things is your
28 Aug 2017

5 Common House Cat Health Problems You Should Watch for

Cats are very independent and self-cleaning, so many pet owners don’t do much past feeding them, grooming them on occasion, and taking them to the vet when needed or for a checkup. However, like any other animal,